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Best Episodes

Wed. 12/30 – Apple Loses A Copyright Lawsuit

Dec 30, 2020




Apple loses an interesting copyright law case. Get ready to see TikToks in your Google searches. Amazon’s “other” business unit is becoming a monster. The tech consumers did, and did not AS MUCH partake in over the holidays. And of course, the weekend longreads suggestions. For the final time inRead more

(Bonus) Office Hours With Chris Messina

Nov 21, 2020

"Giving Shuffle a shoutout on the Techmeme Ride Home Podcast Office Hours episode! Meta!"



A deep-drive conversation with hashtag inventor Chris Messina about what makes good product design, how to Product Hunt effectively, and his unique advice about finding success in the Tech this episode on YouTube here:Read more

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Wed. 12/09 – FireEye Says It Got Hacked By A Nation State

Dec 9, 2020

"SF rents down 27-35% compared with a year ago We're in a simultaneous boom AND bust!"



FireEye says it got hacked by a nation state. Microsoft’s cloud gaming is coming to iOS in the spring. Samsung’s unpacked event is coming in about a month, and we already got plenty of leaks about the phones we expect to see. Is Apple’s self-driving project still on track? And if you feel likeRead more

(Bonus) TikTok's Secret Sauce With Eugene Wei and A16Z's 16 Minutes Podcast

Sep 26, 2020

"Interest graph driven social network "



Eugene Wei and Sonal Chokshi explain plainly how and why TikTok is an evolutionary (and algorithmic) step beyond the social graph.Eugene's original essay, TikTok and the Sorting HatSubscribe to 16 Minutes News by a16z (podcast)

Fri. 10/16 – You Can Now Hum To Search Music On Google

Oct 16, 2020

"Hum to Search To "



Google now lets you whistle or hum to search, which sounds crazy I know, or crazy cool. Are we due for one more Apple event this year? The FCC wants to kill section 230 but actually can’t. Could you do machine learning with practically no data to learn off of? And of course, the weekend longreadsRead more

(Bonus) The Creator Economy Opportunity With @JoshConstine

Oct 3, 2020



For years, I quoted Josh Constine on this show because he was one of the breaking news-iest folks over at TechCrunch for years. Well, now he’s gone the well worn TC to VC route, and is a principal at SignalFire. I noticed Josh had his name on a SignalFire report looking at the creator ecosystem,Read more

Wed. 02/17 - Epic Games Takes Its War With Apple To Europe

Feb 17, 2021

"On Today (2/17) at 6pm PST: The Techmeme Experience on Clubhouse with the former CEO of Waze"



Epic Games takes its war with Apple to Europe. But Apple wins a skirmish in North Dakota of all places. New York sues Amazon over worker issues. Google maps will now let you pay for parking. Some tangible numbers about the recent NFT explosion. And why the new headphone emoji look suspiciously likeRead more

Mon. 10/12 – Nest’s New Smart Thermostat Ditches the Rotating Dial

Oct 12, 2020

"Engagement with misinformation on Facebook is up 3x since 2016"



Google’s Nest thermostat is ditching the iconic dial design. Will regulators first ask Google to divest itself of Chrome? A big takedown of a botnet that could have influenced the election. Update on Quibi’s shopping itself around. And why Covid has made Caterpillar hit the gas on robo-constructionRead more

Wed. 11/25 – The Blue Checkmarks Are Returning To Twitter

Nov 25, 2020

"VCs and cartels"



Twitter is revving the little blue checkmark engine back up, but it will work slightly differently than before. Stripe is either already impossibly big, or not nearly as big as it should be, depending on your point of view. Are you ready to speculate about the next generation of Apple SiliconRead more

Mon. 12/7 – ARMpocalypse Soon For The Entire Mac Lineup?

Dec 7, 2020

"What’s our Zeplin?"



Apple isn’t wasting any time when it comes to ARM-ing up its entire Mac lineup, according to Mark Gurman. Wish is about to go public too. Airbnb and DoorDash are lifting their ranges. Is email signatures a bigger market than I ever imagined? And how drone deliveries might change how we design orRead more
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