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Tech Talker demystifies technology and cutting edge devices so that even the most tech illiterate can understand what's going on with their computer or smartphone - and what to do when something goes wrong. In this podcast you will get answers to some of the biggest questions people have whenRead more

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Oct 27 • 07:11

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Oct 20 • 07:13

241 TT The Fascinating History of Tetris

Oct 13 • 11:49

240 TT Everything You Need to Know About Snapchat

Oct 6 • 06:28

Snapchat is a photo sharing service that posts pictures only for a certain amount of time that you specify. There are hundreds of points I could talk about for Snapchat, but today I’m just going to give you the basics of how it works and why it’s used. This is definitely something your kids are using and it’s imperative you understand it and how it works even if you’re not...

239 TT How to Protect Yourself in Light of the Yahoo Hack

Sep 29 • 07:12

238 TT How to Watch Infinite TV (Without Paying for Cable)

Sep 22 • 07:14

This week I’m going to cover how to cut the cable TV cord, how to continue watching your favorite shows and how to save a ton of money in the process. Hundreds of thousands of American’s are cutting the cable television cord in favor of other forms of media in order to find more content they want at lower prices. There are a ton of other ways that consumers especially the ...

237 TT Everything You Need to Know About the iPhone 7

Sep 15 • 06:19

236 TT 6 Ways to Boost Your Instagram Following

Sep 8 • 04:22

235 TT How to Use Google Photos to Organize Digital Media

Sep 1 • 06:30

If you’re a new parent, grand parent, student, or just have a giant collection of pictures I’m sure that you suffer from a huge problem of keeping tabs on all of your pictures. I used to spend hours categorizing, organizing, and sorting all of mine and my family’s pictures. I’ve arrived at a full proof method of organizing any number of pictures. Read the full transcript h...

234 TT Internet or World Wide Web: What's the Difference?

Aug 25 • 04:33

The internet is 25 years old today, well actually I mean the world wide web is 25 years old. You may be thinking to yourself what is the difference? Well in this episode I’ll talk about the technologies that underpin the age of Facebook, Spotify, Google and every other tech giant and the humble beginnings that they came from! Read the full transcript here:

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