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The tech world has a diversity problem: gender diversity, racial diversity, and more. That’s why I decided to start the Tech Forward podcast. Every week, our host, Cheryl Chotrani, interviews entrepreneurs, venture capitalists, media and tech leaders, and diversity advocates. The show features theRead more

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Rebroadcast: Using Artificial Intelligence and Comedy To Open Hearts and Minds

Sep 18 • 17:18

Hello listeners, and welcome to another exciting episode of Tech Forward! This week, we're rebroadcasting my covnersation with award-winning comedian Ana-Marija Stojic. Over the last several years, she’s participated in numerous comedy competitions, and been featured in the NBC Showcase at the Women in Comedy Festival Boston 2018. She was also a recipient of Netflix's 2018...

Rebroadcast: Building Tech Solutions for Social Impact Using Blockchain Technology

Sep 11 • 27:10

Hello listeners, and welcome back to Tech Forward! This week, we're rebroadcasting my conversation with Aishwarya Balaji, Founder and CEO of Impact Chain Lab. By using blockchain technology, Impact Chain Lab is focused on building equitable communities around the globe. Aishwarya became interested in the disruptive power of blockchain in her previous roles as a consultant ...

Rebroadcast: Using Technology to Mobilize Capital for a Diverse Group of Funds

Sep 4 • 27:36

Welcome back to Tech Forward, listeners! For this week's rebroadcast, we're featuring my conversation with Leslie Jump, founder and CEO at DifferentFunds, which is the first platform designed and built for investing in venture funds. Leslie has spent the bulk of her career building, advising, and investing in new companies, both in the US and worldwide. Most recently, she ...

Rebroadcast: Providing Culturally Sensitive Teletherapy to Increase the Life Expectancy of Black Men

Aug 28 • 24:26

Hello listeners! Welcome back to another episode of Tech Forward. This week, I hope you'll enjoy the rebroadcast of my conversation with Kevin Dedner, Founder and CEO of Henry Health. Henry Health's mobile app provides self-care and mental health support through culturally sensitive teletherapy, serving the population with the lowest life expectancy in the U.S. — black men...

Rebroadcast: Sparking Dialogue about Race and Racism Through Storytelling and Interaction

Aug 21 • 29:44

Hello listeners, and welcome back to Tech Forward! This week, we're featuring a rebroadcast of my conversation with Catherine Wigginton Greene, Executive Director of content and engagement at Point Made Learning. She directed the feature documentary I’m Not Racist… Am I? (INRAI) which followed a diverse group of teens through a yearlong exploration of race and racism. From...

Rebroadcast: Leveling the Playing Field for Female Entrepreneurs

Aug 14 • 28:24

Welcome back to Tech Forward, listeners! For our rebroadcast this week, we're featuring my first double interview: Gerri Kahnweiler and Cayla Weisberg, co-founders of Chicago-based InvestHER Ventures. InvestHER is an early stage investment firm that partners with and invests in female entrepreneurs. As a strong leader in philanthropy and civic engagement, Geri has a track ...

Rebroadcast: Creating a Platform for Music Discovery While Ridesharing

Aug 7 • 23:10

Welcome back to Tech Forward, listeners! For this week’s rebroadcast, I’m excited to share my conversation with Sean McKenzie, Co-Founder and Director of Driver Engagement at Steereo. By combining the power of music streaming with the popularity of ridesharing, Steereo is a music discovery app that gives emerging artists exposure and valuable data, while compensating rides...

Rebroadcast: Confronting Bias and Unequal Treatment From All Levels In the Workplace

Jul 31 • 18:04

Hello, listeners! Welcome back to Tech Forward. For this week’s rebroadcast, we're featuring my conversation with Wes Kao, a marketing strategy and product launch expert who works as a consultant and advisor to multiple consumer brands and tech startups. She serves as a mentor to entrepreneurs through her roles with WeWork Labs and Backstage Capital. Previously, Wes was th...

Rebroadcast: Using Five Core Skills to Help Women Advance Their Careers

Jul 24 • 28:45

Welcome back to Tech Forward, listeners! Continuing our summer rebroadcasts, we're featuring my conversation with Alli Young, Founder and CEO of The Forem. The Forem is a professional training organization that develops the next generation of leaders while promoting gender equity. Through her work with The Forem, Alli focuses on helping women advance their careers and buil...

Rebroadcast: Helping Women of Color Identify Inclusive Work Environments in STEM

Jul 17 • 32:31

Hello listeners, and welcome back to Tech Forward! Kicking off our summer rebroadcasts, we're featuring the second episode of our November 2018 job seeker series, when I spoke with Michele Heyward, founder of PositiveHire. PositiveHire is a tech company engineered to bridge the gap between employers and women of color STEM professionals. Michele’s vision is to not only hel...

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