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In Tea with Mama Cash, feminisms and other radical politics will get an airing and a welcome reception – to create, debate, reimagine, of course problematize, and also just be. Your hosts Zohra Moosa and Happy Mwende Kinyili share their experience, perspective and opinions based on their experienceRead more

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Episode sixteen: Let's dance ft. Strictly Silk

Feb 27 • 40:19
As anarchist activist Emma Goldman (1865-1940) said: If I can't dance, I don't want to be part of your revolution.

Conceptualised in Nairobi, Kenya by multidisciplinary arts collective The Nest, Strictly Silk is a party for and by women and non-binary people. And on March 7th, the first international edition of Strictly Silk will take place on at Radio Radio in Amsterdam t...

Episode fifteen: Imagining feminist futures

Jan 31 • 41:38
The first 2020 episode of Tea with Mama Cash is all about the future! We're talking feminist utopias, dystopias, and what these imagined futures can tell us about the present.

For this discussion on all things speculative and social justice, Zohra is joined by two very special guests: Hakima Abbas, Co-Executive Director of AWID, and Geeta Misra, Executive Director of CREA.


Episode fourteen: Sex workers' rights matter

Dec 16 • 49:15
Even within feminist spaces, the regulation of sex work is a contested topic. So for this International Day to End Violence Against Sex Workers, we invited two sex workers' rights activists to join us on the podcast: Velvet December, Advocacy Coordinator for Dutch sex workers' union PROUD, and Vera Rodriguez, Programme Associate at international fund for sex workers' right...

Episode thirteen: Why climate change is sexist

Nov 28 • 33:59
Climate change is one of the most urgent issues of our times, and fortunately it has gained the mainstream attention it deserves. But one important element is missing from the conversation. To create a sustainable future for all, we need to talk about gender and climate change.

In this episode of Tea with Mama Cash, hosted by our Executive Director Mama Cash and our Progra...

Episode twelve: Girls to the Front with FRIDA | The Young Feminist Fund

Oct 10 • 36:04
October 11th is the International Day of the Girl. What better time to get on the line with FRIDA | The Young Feminist Fund?

We had a chat with FRIDA's co-Executive Directors, Majandra Rodriguez Acha and Nino Ugrekhelidze about stereotypes put on young people, how girls are organising to change the world, and our co-commissioned report published last year about girl-led ac...

Episode eleven: For the people, by the people?

Sep 14 • 43:11
September 15th is the International Day of Democracy. What better time to reflect on what democracy was meant for, how it's playing out on the ground today, and most importantly, what we might want it to be?

For this episode we invited two guests, who from their respective experiences lend us their feminist perspectives on the matter: Nandini Archer, assistant editor at Ope...

Episode ten: Consumer power, collective power (with Chihiro Geuzebroek)

Aug 5 • 45:15
“Whoever convinced us that we are consumers? We are earthlings.”

On this episode of Tea with Mama Cash, hosts Zohra and Happy - along with our first ever guest (!), Chihiro Geuzebroek of Climate Liberation Bloc - tackle the question that many of us keep returning to: what do we do with the contradictions that emerge between our politics and our personal lifestyle choices? F...

Episode nine: #MyBodyIsMine

Jun 21 • 42:46
"Abortion rights, sexuality rights, sex work, all of it… we can talk about the way women’s bodies are used in an ideological battle that is patriarchy vs feminism, but I still come back to the idea that we would only know truly that we were free if we would feel it in our bodies, no matter what words are coming out of our mouths."

Earlier this month we launched the internat...

Episode eight: Sanitize this! (On blood)

Mar 24 • 37:28
Happy is cringing, but that's exactly why this time on Tea with Mama Cash we're talking about BLOOD. Our Executive Director Zohra Moosa and Director of Programmes Happy Mwende Kinyili unpack the shame around menstrual bleeding, discuss the tampon tax, debate menstrual cups, and take a look at feminist activism re: menstruation around the world. Plus: tune in to learn why Z...

Episode seven: The feminist gaze

Feb 14 • 39:35
As we approach International Women's Day on March 8th - and so too the Mama Cash Feminist Festival - we ask some tough questions about engaging with arts, culture and media as a feminist. What does it look like to consume (often problematic) popular culture as feminists? How, if at all, can we relate to art outside of a capitalist framework of consumption and production? W...

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