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TASCHEN’s podcast of art, books, and exciting interviews. Presented by Kevin Caners and produced by Eliza Apperly.

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Welcome to Disneyland. A visual history of the world’s magic megalopolis

Feb 3 • 14:08

Il Fascino Ferrari. A monument to Italy’s driving force

Feb 3 • 18:47

The UN Climate Report, Rem Koolhaas, Irma Boom, and Jean-Michel Basquiat

Oct 26 • 38:44
For many years, TASCHEN has published the work of artists and thinkers who raise awareness around environmental issues and champion sustainable interaction with our planet. This month, in response to the latest UN climate report, we’re joined by TASCHEN author Tim Radford who discusses what this report means, what we need to do to stabilize the Earth’s temperature, and whe...

The Amy Winehouse Special

Sep 27 • 26:52
In this special episode of the #TASCHENpodcast, we’re joined by photographer and filmmaker Blake Wood to remember his close friend Amy Winehouse.

With her deep, expressive vocals and raw lyrics, the London-born singer and songwriter rocketed to fame in the early 2000s. Her 2006 album, Back to Black, won five Grammys and spawned a number of hit singles, among them Rehab, Te...

Growing up with Stanley Kubrick, Vienna’s laboratory of modernity, and the Ingmar Bergman centenary

Aug 31 • 41:43
Film composer Gerald Fried is one of few individuals who knew Stanley Kubrick back in the day. In 1940s New York, he was starting his career as a musician, when Kubrick, just 16 at the time, came to work as a photographer at Look magazine. The two became close friends and collaborators; Kubrick was even go-to babysitter for Fried’s young son. Later, Fried would compose mus...

North Korean architecture, Christo’s London Mastaba, and Bruce Talamon on the heyday of Funk & Soul

Jun 28 • 40:22
Imaginative freedom and authoritarian clout come head to head in this episode as we journey through the imposing architecture of North Korea; the heyday of Funk, Soul, and RnB; and Christo’s latest grand-scale happening in London’s Hyde Park.

First up, Guardian critic Oliver Wainwright shares his journey to Pyongyang and the outlandish constructions of the Kim regime. Next...

Tutankhamun, Kay Nielsen’s ’A Thousand and One Nights‘, and the world’s weirdest competitions

Apr 25 • 42:52
From Japan’s annual penis festival to Ancient Egyptian burial rites, this episode of the TASCHEN podcast explores some of humanity’s most intricate—and eccentric—traditions and rituals from cradle to grave.

First up, graphic designer Nigel Holmes talks us through the outlandish contests and events that make up his hilarious new book, Crazy Competitions. Next, TASCHEN Edito...

Special Edition: Murals of Tibet

Mar 29 • 17:39
A special episode exploring TASCHEN’s SUMO of incredible and previously unseen Buddhist art, Murals of Tibet. We speak to monk and writer Matthieu Ricard, curator and explorer Ian Baker, Managing Editor Florian Kobler, the scholar and Tibetologist Heather Stoddard, and the photographer behind the book, Thomas Laird, to understand the intricate imagery and spirituality of t...

Fascist legacies in Rome, real-life Los Angeles noir, and Albert Watson on show in London

Feb 28 • 41:42
Welcome on a city tour like no other as urbanist and professor of architecture Giovanni Fanelli delves into the public space, fascist legacies, and “tragedy and comedy” of Rome. Next up, pop culture historian Jim Heimann drives us through the back streets and shocking crime scenes that made 1920s to ’50s Los Angeles the perfect inspiration for noir literature and film. The...

The art of Burning Man, a history of graphic design, and Michael O’Neill’s global yoga journey

Jan 30 • 30:48
We kick off 2018 with a journey to one of the greatest creative and communal events on earth as photographer NK Guy and artist Kate Raudenbush explore the incredible art of Burning Man. Graphic design heroes Steven Heller and Jens Müller dive into Graphic Design History, the biggest graphic design book yet, before photographer Michael O’Neill shares his personal and spirit...

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