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Tarot Talk is space focused around wellness and spirituality hosted by professional Tarot Reader, Reiki Master and Holistic Healer, Holly Ramey. Holly interviews healers and wise women who inspire her and enrich her practice with their stories. In each episode, Holly serves you some practical magicRead more

Popular episodes

EP 44 : 2021 Themes - Exploring the Hierophant Year w/ Astrologer, Jeff Hinshaw + Full Moon in Leo

Jan 25 • 01:13:01

✨✨In this episode Holly speaks with Astrologer & Tarot Reader, Jeff Hinshaw. We go deep into many topics, including:...

EP 43: Restorative Yoga w/ Jillian Pransky + New Moon in Capricorn

Jan 11 • 01:22:51

✨✨In this episode Holly speaks with one of her most beloved mentors, Jillian Pransky! We go deep into many topics, including:...


Dec 13 • 24:49

✨✨In this episode, Holly offers  a forecast for the 🌑New Moon + Solar Eclipse in Sagittarius🏹 & Winter Solstice🌬 ...

Ep 41 : EFT with Brad Yates + Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Gemini

Nov 27 • 01:19:57

✨✨In this episode, Holly talks to "Tap Dad" Brad Yates⁠! Brad is an EFT wizard,  he has a tremendous YouTube channel with thousands of Tap videos, is a speaker & author, as well as a success, happiness and abundance coach. We speak about:...

EP 40 : Ritual Baths & Medicine Readings w/ Deborah Hanekamp + New Moon in Scorpio Forecast

Nov 13 • 01:05:50

✨✨In this episode, Holly talks to Deborah Hanekamp, creator of Space by Mama Medicine. Holly studied Reiki and other spiritual traditions with Deborah in NYC and they dive into the core of her work and her experience working in the spiritual community for over 20 years. We dive into topics such as:...

EP 39: Money $$ & Emotions with David Gibbs + Full Moon in Taurus / Halloween & Samhain Forecast 👻

Oct 28 • 01:10:30

✨In this episode, Holly talks to David Gibbs, a financial coach in Tennessee who guides his clients to a future of financial peace, savings, and healthy relationships with money. He creates a specific plan for his clients and guides them to completion. We dive into topics such as:...

EP 38 : New Moon Libra + Mars & Mercury Retrograde Tarot Forecast

Oct 14 • 31:54

✨In this episode, Holly takes a deep dive into the upcoming astrology of the New Moon in Libra and the tarot association with this theme. She covers some practical tools to work with this New Moon , as well as the Mercury and Mars Retrograde. She does a tarot spread for each transit and explains the themes of each....

EP 37 : Staying Healthy this Fall/Winter Season w/ Janna Siegel + Full Moon in Aries Forecast

Sep 29 • 01:12:54

✨In this episode, Holly talks to acupuncturist Janna Siegel about the shift of seasons from the perspective of Chinese medicine. We discuss practical ways to boost the immune system, what the Fall season represents elementally and energetically, and how to align our bodies with shifts in nature. We explore the concepts used in her practice and how they can help people with...

EP 36: Exploring the Unconscious with Heather Sanderson + New Moon in Virgo

Sep 15 • 56:17

✨ In this episode Holly speaks with Heather Sanderson, a healer, writer and yoga teacher focusing on reclaiming the sacred feminine and invisible wounds.  Holly and Heather talk about plant medicine, how to tap into the unconscious mind to facilitate healing - including dreamwork, yoga Nidra and journeying with plant spirits. For more about Heather you can visit www.journe...

EP 35: End of Life Doula Virginia Richardson + Full Moon in Pisces

Aug 30 • 01:03:28

✨ In this episode Holly speaks with Virginia Richardson of Your Life Edit all about her work as an end of life doula. Virginia talks about how she was drawn to this work from a young age and how death has become taboo in our culture. She gives advice on how to honor the sacred wisdom of our elders, develop a deep spiritual practice and the importance of practicing death ev...

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