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#97 - Our reactions to the Ted Lasso S2 Finale

Oct 26 • 38:52
What does it mean to crave admiration and respect? How can we handle it if we feel we're not getting it? The usual Ted Lasso gang (Dan, Nathan, Rachel) convene to recap the finale of season 2. Of course we talk about everything that happened with Nate's storyline, but we also talk about how we've all been in similar situations as Nate, and what Ted could have done better. ...

#96 - Ted Lasso Recap: What’s Nate’s Deal?

Oct 11 • 36:22
(Ahoy, there! Spoilers ahead!)

This week, the gang obsesses over Dan’s galaxy brain theory connecting Nate’s downfall with Sam’s courtship by the Ghanaian billionaire. Questions include: should Nate be fired? What do you do when forgiveness doesn’t change a perpetrator’s behavior? How do you design a consequence? Will Ted use the revelation of his panic attack to further th...

#95 - Ted Lasso Recap S2, Ep 7 & 8: How our parents affect us

Sep 18 • 32:09

#94 - Ted Lasso Recap S2 E6: How to tell a friend you're worried about them

Sep 7 • 46:39
In the this episode of Ted Lasso, Higgins decides to take Coach Beard aside and ask him whether he really thinks it's a good idea to get back into a relationship with Jane, because the last time they were together it was pretty tumultuous. We all face situations like this in the world of work: should we tell our founder when we're worried about their company? How can we te...

#93 - Ted Lasso Recap: Season 2 Episode 5

Sep 1 • 35:06

#92 - Ted Lasso Recap: S2 Episode 4

Aug 22 • 32:59

#91 - Handling your colleagues' emotions

Aug 21 • 17:08

#90 - Ted Lasso Episode Recap: S2 Episodes 2 & 3

Aug 18 • 43:43
Dan, Nathan and Rachel reunite to discuss the second and third episodes of Ted Lasso's sophomore season, which they much prefer to the premiere. From deeply-felt thematic throughlines about mentor/mentee relationships, to the funniest gags in the show's history, the trio is engaging with Ted Lasso—or is it Led Tasso?—from every angle, so make this the recap podcast you lis...

#89 - Introducing the Talk Therapy Ted Lasso Recap

Aug 3 • 47:28
It's a very special time of year—a new season of Dan and Nathan's favorite show on management, positivity and leadership is starting back up. That's right, it's Ted Lasso time—and for the Apple show's second season, Talk Therapy will be welcoming fellow viewer and editor extraordinaire Rachel Jepsen to recap each episode after it airs! In this discussion of the season prem...

#88 - Why your emotions don't always mean what you think

Jul 26 • 12:55

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