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Tales of the Trade


Tales of the Trade features the UAE’s pioneers & the stories behind the companies and communities they’re bringing to life. Each episode highlights the challenges & triumphs of the entrepreneurial journey & a legacy in the making.

Popular episodes

A tale of two pop-ups (2019)

Apr 15 • 29:55

We need your help: 2020 Podcast Survey

Jan 2 • 00:23

Bonus: Tatiana Antonelli (Goumbook)

Dec 2 • 06:57

On our season finale, Tatiana Antontelli shared how she's been adapting her social entreprise, Goumbook, to handle the impact of the lockdowns and the pandemic. On this bonus episode, Tatiana shares her thoughts about the impact of sanitization and re-emergence of single-use plastic in light of the various guidelines put in place around the world. Thank you for joining us ...

Goumbook: Tatiana Antonelli

Nov 25 • 28:10

Goumbook was the UAE's earliest social entreprise helping promote sustainable practices since 2010. So pull up a chair & join our conversation with Tatiana Antonelli, founder of Goumbook, and how she is facilitating her business into the new world order and why 2020 could become a remarkable opportunity for entrepreneurs to step up. We'll be back with a new season in 2021....

Thynk: Rayan Malik & Yusuf Zia

Nov 10 • 33:45

Pull up a chair & join the conversation with students Yusuf Zia & Rayan Malik about their journey as student entrepreneurs and the launch of a first-of-its-kind entrepreneurship platform out of the UAE. ...

Sugaholic Bakeshop: Ravisha Bhatia

Oct 20 • 31:22

A decade strong, Sugaholic started out from humble beginnings and is now a name synonymous with celebrations and events in the city. So pull up a chair & join the conversation with Ravisha Bhatia, about how they met the lockdown challenges head-on. ...

The Lighthouse: Hashem Montasser

Oct 6 • 36:19

As Dubai braced for a full lockdown in March 2020, two finance execs-turned-entrepreneurs met with their staff and announced their decision to close operations ahead of the official lockdown announcement. Pull up a chair & join the conversation with Hashem Montasser, co-founder of The Lighthouse. ...

Frying Pan Adventures: Arva Ahmed

Sep 22 • 28:33

Chirag Desai is joined by Season one guest Arva Ahmed, Chief Executive Muncher at Frying Pan Adventures, who shares how her business is dealing with impact of the pandemic and how she's been coping--both personally and professionally with its impacts. Pull up a chair & join the conversation on the season premiere of Tales of the Trade. ...

Season 4 begins September 22

Sep 15 • 00:44

Bonus: Samer Hamadeh (Aegis Hospitality)

Apr 7 • 09:58

If you were wondering how the traditional neopolitan pizza became part of Tokyo food culture and how it made its way into Akiba Dori, the answers are on this bonus episode with Samer Hamadeh, founder of Aegis Hospitality....

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