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Tales from the Road is your all access pass into the lives and projects of musicians, performing artists and people behind the scene uncovering the stories behind the music, the songs and the concerts.

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Ian Haugland of Europe

Nov 26 • 46:42

Ian Haugland is the drummer  for Swedish rock band Europe’s . From the time joined the band in 1984 he has played on all their important releases and seminal albums. Outside of Europe, he has contributed to albums by Glenn Hughes, and Candlemass.

Ian lives in Stockholm and his desire to be involved in music also sees him as a DJ for Swedish classic rock station.  In this c...

'Appy days with Mick Box of Uriah Heep

Nov 3 • 48:25

Mick box is firmly focused on serving the music. His unrelenting passion for music has kept British rock legends Uriah Heep alive across a 52 year career spanning 24 albums and 1000’s of shows across 62 countries. ...

John Corabi talks Horseshoes and Hand Grenades

Oct 29 • 57:26

Unquestionably, John Corabi is one of the most unique and instantly recognizable voices in rock history. John’s unique vocals and songwriting were standout elements in his music and albums with motley crue and the dead daisies. ...

Marty Friedman - Guitar player, Composer

Oct 15 • 31:10

Marty Friedman  is one of the most unique, engaging and adventurous musicians to ever pick up an electric guitar. Marty has profoundly influenced musicians over the years from the 80’s when he teamed up with fellow guitarist Jason Becker in Cacaphony to his time in Megadeth in the early 90’s, where he contributed to some of their most most seminal albums. Marty moved to Ja...

Doug Clifford of Creedence Clearwater Revival

Sep 24 • 01:06:54

Doug 'Cosmo' Clifford was the drummer and one part of the rhythm section for the legendary Creedence Clearwater Revival.  Doug is a creative spirit and after Creedence broke up in the early 70’s Doug put together a whole lot of music, collaborating with various musicians over the years, starting with his first solo album Cosmo in 1972 to his latest offering For all the mon...

Roy Venkataraman - Singer Songwriter

Sep 17 • 51:19

It took me a while to track Roy down. Roy Venkataraman was a name I heard often when I was growing up in India in the 80’ and 90’s. I knew of him as the Indian guitar player for Bob Marley’s legendary band the Wailers. He is widely considered reggae royalty, at least here in India. Roy started his career in Bombay, playing with some of the most popular bands in the country...

Roy Venkataraman

Sep 9 • 51:19

It took me a while to track Roy Down. Roy Venkatarman was a name I heard often when I was growing up in India in the 80’ and 90’s I knew of him as the Indian guitar player for BoB Marleys’s band the wailers. He and was widely considered Reggae Royalty at least here in India. Roy was born in India and started his career in Bombay , playing with some of the most popular band...

Caitlin Koch - Singer, Songwriter

Sep 4 • 40:13

My next guest is Caitlin Koch, best known for her performances as the singing rugby coach on The X Factor USA. I caught up with Caitlin from her home in Nashville to talk about her new single So different now, the second in a heartfelt, gritty weaving story of releases to come during 2021....

Troy Redfern - The King of the Slide Guitar

Sep 3 • 42:58

My nextt guest is Troy Redfern, British slide guitarist and singer songwriter and dubbed by the British press as “The King of Slide Guitar”. We spoke about his new album The Fire Cosmic that comes out August 6th, his new singles Waiting for your love and Ghosts. ...

KK Downing of KK's Priest

Aug 27 • 37:56

My next guest is the legendary KK Downing. They say you can’t keep a heavy metal legend down. Although it’s been nearly a decade since guitarist and songwriter K.K. Downing departed Judas Priest, the famous band he co-founded and played with for 40 years, he was never really going to retire. It was only a matter of time before he reclaimed the spotlight. I caught up with K...

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