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A weekly scripted podcast where we delve into some of the most blood curdling topics; true crime, dark history, the occult, and more. If it goes bump in the night, than it's on the table. We wanna make the podcast even better, help us learn how we can:  For advertisingRead more

Popular episodes

UNSOLVED - The Oklahoma Girl Scout Murders Redux

Jun 10 • 25:47

The Oklahoma Girl Scout murders is an unsolved murder case that occurred on the morning of June 13, 1977, at Camp Scott in Mayes County, Oklahoma. 3 young and excited young girls were viciously murdered in the night, and not a single soul in the Camp saw anything.... but they were told it would happen....

HOMICIDE - The Premature Passing of Lea Porter

Jun 3 • 20:13

Lea Porter was 19 years old, bright, and beautiful. She wanted to be a massage therapist, but unfortunately, she found herself sinking deeper and deeper into heroin addiction. With little hope and far few ways out of her situation, she accepted the help of an old high school friend. But did he really want to help? Or did he have other ideas?...

SOLVED - The Disappearance of Heather Thomas: Redux

May 27 • 25:35

"The Disappearance of Heather Thomas" is the story this podcast started on, and one that is still very close and personal to me as an individual. Recently I relistened to the telling of her story, and felt that I didn't quite do it justice, that it could have been more concise, more direct, and more about Heather herself. The podcast itself has become something more than I...

SOLVED - Reddit Solved a Hit and Run

May 20 • 19:18

Every now and again, something truly amazing and positive happens in the true crime community, which is a nice change, is it not? In a niche of interest that is rife with tragedy, it's always worthwhile to take a moment to examine the silver lining....

SERIAL KILLER - The Doodler's Reign of Terror

May 13 • 24:17

In 1970s San Francisco, a deranged killer roamed the streets preying on gay men, and in a community where a quarter was still hiding for fear of rejection, it was a feeding frenzy for someone looking to capitalize on their alienation. Join me in this episode to learn about the terrifying predatory practices of the serial killer known as "The Doodler."...

The Colt Family of Boorowa

May 4 • 23:58

Children are some of the most vulnerable members of society, and as such are awarded the protection of not only caregivers but the watchful eye of society itself. But what terrible things might happen if that eye is not present?...

MURDER - A 12-Year-Old Killer

Apr 27 • 23:18

Nurture vs. Nature – it’s a question that’s been asked nearly as long as humans have been sentient and self-aware. Are we the sum of our parts, or the sum of our experiences? Jasmine Richardson grew up with a loving family, in a supportive home, but that didn’t stop her from committing the most heinous of murders....

UNSOLVED - Who Killed Nevaeh Buchanan?

Apr 20 • 20:14

Nevaeh – Heaven spelt backwards – was the apple of her misguided mother’s eye. She was bright and brilliant, until she disappeared. The story of Nevaeh is tragic and terrible, and feels too familiar a tale for how terrible it truly was. Sadly, what happened to Nevaeh has never truly been solved....

UNSOLVED - One Last Phone Call for Brandon Lawson

Apr 6 • 19:37

Brandon Lawson and his girlfriend Ladessa had an argument, and, wanting to escape for a night, Brandon drove to his father's. But he never made it. After a series of final phone calls, Brandon Lawson disappeared....

CANNIBAL - The Terror of Grindr Named Mark Latunski

Mar 30 • 35:36

Mark Latunski was working as a self-employed chemist according to his LinkedIn page, but LinkedIn wasn't the only social platform he was on, and for much darker reasons. Mark's crimes traumatized a community, and went largely unreported due to the nature of those crimes. In this episode, we revisit two old "911 Calls with Cole" episodes to bring light to the terrors of Mar...

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