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Taking Note: Conversations with Evernote

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Presented by the leader in note-taking and productivity, Taking Note dives into the realms of personal and professional achievement, entrepreneurship, and creative thinking. We interview experts and trailblazers, uncovering great ideas and best practices to help you organize your work and declutterRead more

Popular episodes

Introducing Focus Culture

Jan 8 • 03:26

S2 E7: Refreshing the Evernote Brand

Aug 16 • 28:49

When Evernote decided to refresh its brand after 10 years, it was about more than tweaking the logo or adopting a new color scheme. It was about distilling the company’s essence, clarifying its purpose and point of view....

S2 E6: Managing Remote Teams with Dave Mattson & Norm Happ

Jul 18 • 42:29

People can work from literally anywhere now, but that freedom brings serious challenges. How can you set a remote team up for success?...

S2 E5: Riding the Creative Curve with Allen Gannett

Jun 6 • 39:47
Are you a creative person? Most people have been conditioned to think of creativity as the sole domain of geniuses, a divine quality beyond the reach of normal humans. But is it really?   Allen Gannett, author of "The Creative Curve" and CEO of TrackMaven, says most of us have creativity all wrong. In this episode, Allen uses the history and science of creative success to ...

S2 E4: Dream Teams with Shane Snow

May 23 • 41:38

We’ve all heard about “dream teams,” collections of individuals who somehow become more than the sum of their parts and achieve extraordinary things. We celebrate them, mythologize them, and even build pop culture franchises around the idea (superheroes, anyone?)....

S2 E3: Growing a Small Business Takes Tools and Talent

May 2 • 31:41

Every idea, no matter how grand, starts in the head of a single person. And most businesses, no matter how large, started out the same way. Growing a small business takes a solid foundation of tools and talent. But time and resources are limited, so how can you find, evaluate, and manage the right people and the right tools to get more done in less time?...

S2 E2: Take Charge of Your Growth: Michael Hyatt & Marvell Allen

Apr 4 • 49:09

Too often, we let life become something that happens to us, rather than something that comes from within. We forget that we can be in control of ourselves. And we forget that the people around us can help, if we just take the time to build strong relationships....

S2 E1: Evernote @ SXSW

Mar 1 • 38:00

SXSW is coming, and Evernote has two speakers set to take the stage in Austin this March. Chris O’Neill, Evernote's CEO, talks about how societal trends are leading businesses to change the ways they build bring products to market. And Anirban Kundu, CTO, examines the implications of artificial intelligence for the way we work. Don’t miss these two insightful conversations....

Taking Note 11: Productivity for Writers with NaNoWriMo's Grant Faulkner

Oct 17 • 46:30

Productivity isn't only about our jobs and our to-do lists. The same concepts that help us produce work in the office can also help us tackle personal creative projects....

Taking Note #10: Jay Acunzo on the Power of Intuition

Sep 20 • 39:14

Jay Acunzo is an award-winning podcaster and dynamic keynote speaker. Before creating the popular podcast show Unthinkable, Jay was a digital media strategist at Google and head of content at HubSpot....

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