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TAKEN: The Murder of Mary Jo Templeton


This podcast series revisits the life and very tragic death of a Redmond, Oregon woman whose gruesome murder has gone unsolved for 40 years. Can you help bring a killer to justice?

Popular episodes

Ep. 7 That Damn Harry Wall

Sep 30 • 01:20:14

On October 2nd, 1978, Mary Jo was at the Pastime Tavern in Redmond, in the company of two men....

Ep. 3 The Suspects

Apr 25 • 50:24

Ep. 4 The Serial Killer?

Apr 25 • 20:28

Joseph Fischer told police that he would drink two quarts of whiskey a day, then find people to kill who reminded him of his mother. He despised her, of course, and once said if he could dig her up, he’d make soup out of her....

Ep. 5 Mary Jo Templeton

Apr 25 • 27:43

Ep. 2 The Investigation

Apr 25 • 20:39

Ep. 1 The Discovery

Apr 25 • 18:24

At 8:12 on the morning of April 30th, 1979, Pacific Power & Light worker Bob Gilbert was performing his daily ritual of raking the grates; he did so using a 20-foot long metal rake to remove any debris from the screening in front of the dam’s turbines....

Ep. 6 God's Tequila

Apr 25 • 57:57

It takes determination, it takes passion…but it also takes a little bit of luck. A lot of these cold cases…people sit at their desk and they’ll wait for that phone call to come in to crack the case. They’ll wait for that tip instead of getting off your ass and goin’ and knocking on doors…and that’s what needs to be done....

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