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As Jews around the world engage in a seven-and-a-half year cycle of Daf Yomi, reading the entire Talmud one page per day, Tablet Magazine's new podcast, Take One, will offer a brief and evocative daily read of the daf, in just about 10 minutes. New episodes will be released daily Monday throughRead more

Popular episodes

Take One: Taanit 26

Dec 8 • 12:55

Today’s Daf Yomi page, Taanit 26, advises us that we should never give thanks to God when we're hungry. Magazine editor and author Dorothy Kalins joins us to talk about what she learned about living, loving, and believing from watching some of the world's greatest cooks in action. What is the connection between stomach and soul? Listen and find out....

Take One: Taanit 25

Dec 7 • 09:03

Today’s Daf Yomi page, Taanit 25, gives us a lovely domestic miracle, making vinegar burn as long as oil throughout Shabbat in a scene reminiscent of the famous story of Hanukkah. What does this little tale teach us about the Festival of Lights? And why did the rabbis change a bloody story of military victory into an intimate one that takes place indoors? Listen and find o...

Take One: Taanit 23 and 24

Dec 6 • 10:31

Today’s Daf Yomi pages, Taanit 23 and 24, introduce us to the magical Choni Ha'Me'agel, one part Gandalf and one part Rip van Winkle. Rabbi Dovid Bashevkin joins us to discuss Choni's super-sized character, and what this Talmudic hero still has to teach us today. Did Choni really force God to make it rain? Listen and find out. ...

Take One: Taanit 21 and 22

Dec 3 • 09:23

Today’s Daf Yomi pages, Taanit 21 and 22, tell us the gruesome story of Nahum of Gam Zu, who prayed to God to amputate his limbs, make him blind, and cover him with boils. Rabbi Mordechai Lightstone joins us to shed some light on this tale, and teach us what we, too, can learn from Nahum about the true meaning of charity. What does God expect us to do when it comes to kind...

Take One: Taanit 20

Dec 2 • 10:55

Today’s Daf Yomi page, Taanit 20, gives us a deeply moving story about beauty, pride, and sin. Rabbi Dovid Bashevkin joins us to parse this magical tale and remind us that, often, our toughest critics are we ourselves. Why should we learn the subtle art of being as soft as a reed? Listen and find out. ...

Take One: Taanit 19

Dec 1 • 09:01

Today’s Daf Yomi page, Taanit 19, tells us a beautiful legend about a man whose charitable heart was so great God himself rewarded him with not one miracle but two. Who was Nakdimon Ben Gurion, and why was he only one of three people in the Bible to make time itself flow backwards? Listen and find out. ...

Take One: Taanit 18

Nov 30 • 09:48

Today’s Daf Yomi page, Taanit 18, kicks things off with a story of a vanquished enemy of the Jews, the general Nicanor, and his brutal end. Jonathan Schanzer, vice president of research at the Foundation for Defense of Democracies and the author of a new book about Israel's 2021 conflict with Hamas, joins us to talk about war, moral obligations, and Israel's military and p...

Take One: Taanit 16 and 17

Nov 29 • 10:02

Today’s Daf Yomi pages, Taanit 16 and 17, inform us that God is suffering when we suffer. Rabbi Leon Wiener Dow joins us to explain this difficult idea, and why two different interpretations give us two radically different accounts of the Divine. Is God merely by our side, or does God, too, suffer? Listen and find out....

Take One: Taanit 14 and 15

Nov 26 • 08:52

Today’s Daf Yomi pages, Taanit 14 and 15, give us an extraordinarily powerful image that unleashes a deep theological discussion. Rabbi Dovid Bashevkin joins us to speak about the nature of prayer, how it works, and when we need it most. Is prayer a special occasion or a daily occurrence? Listen and find out. ...

Take One: Taanit 13

Nov 25 • 11:14

Today’s Daf Yomi page, Taanit 13, compels unmarried women to make themselves attractive even when mourning the death of a loved one. Shira Hecht Koller joins us to make sense of this uncomfortable exhortation, and explain what it says about the rabbis' concept of living life to the fullest. Is it a good idea to try and set up romantic matches at a shiva? Listen and find out. ...

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