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Tahoe is a jewel in the Sierra Nevada, but climate change threatens to transform the region by the century’s end. CapRadio’s Ezra David Romero explores this petri dish for scientific research to see how Tahoe can help us confront the global climate crisis.

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TahoeLand: TahoeLand Update: Caldor Fire Threatens Tahoe

Sep 1 • 14:31

Two years after making TahoeLand, host Ezra David Romero finds himself reporting on a major wildfire threatening the beloved region. He talks on KQED’s The Bay podcast about reporting on the Caldor Fire. The blaze recently traveled from the western Sierra, over Echo Summit toward South Lake Tahoe, which is now under mandatory evacuation. Ezra reflects with Host Ericka Cruz...

TahoeLand: TahoeLand Live!

Oct 10 • 00:00

This is our last episode of TahoeLand. I know, it’s really sad. But this season has come to an end. And to celebrate, we hosted a live podcast taping in South Lake. This is a shorter version of that 90-minute event....

TahoeLand: The Political Climate

Oct 3 • 00:00

A common theme CapRadio’s Ezra David Romero hears while hanging out in Tahoe is residents disappointed that their elected official in Congress does not believe in human-caused climate change. If 97 percent of climate scientists agree that climate-warming trends over the past century are very likely due to human activities, why aren’t politicians doing more about it? ...

TahoeLand: Final Two Episodes Coming Soon!

Sep 26 • 00:00

TahoeLand: Playing With Fire

Sep 19 • 00:00

TahoeLand: ‘Locals Season’

Sep 12 • 00:00

TahoeLand: Episode 5 Coming Soon!

Sep 5 • 00:00

TahoeLand: Bad News, Bears

Aug 29 • 00:00

Climate change isn’t just altering how people experience Lake Tahoe, it’s also impacting animals. And perhaps the most prominent victim are the kings of the forest: bears. ...

TahoeLand: Bye, Bye Snow

Aug 22 • 00:00

Tahoe’s identity as a winter wonderland is in jeopardy. One of the most noticeable signs of warming temperatures in Tahoe are changes to the snowpack. Specifically, researchers forecast a lot less of it some years and a ton more other years. That has huge ramifications for everything from businesses that rely on snow to Olympians figuring out how to practice their winter s...

TahoeLand: The Shrimp Problem

Aug 15 • 00:00

Invasive shrimp are threatening Lake Tahoe. These are not the big white and orange crustaceans you get in a taco or on top of pasta. They’re called Mysis shrimp, and they’re voracious invaders that threaten Tahoe’s blue hue. If they stay and multiply, it’ll be hard to keep Tahoe from turning green. But if we remove them, they might also help other communities unlock climat...

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