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Two old guys talk about old games

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Ep. 645 – 12 ft. Bea Arthur Doodoo Piñata

Jan 12 • 03:08:19

A 12 ft. Bea Arthur Doodoo Piñata, yes – a 12 ft. Bea Arthur Doodoo Piñata. There was a big snow storm, a wreck, some illness, a 12 ft. Bea Arthur Doodoo Piñata, multiple accidents, work stress, and life stress that all came together for us have to push back the planned episode and instead … Continue reading ...

Ep. 644 – DinoCity

Jan 5 • 02:37:21

DinoCity – do you say it like Dino-City or all together like Dinocity? Well, we have to tackle that first. So we restructure things a little bit so that our flow may be a little different for this episode. We have to start off with weird stories from our local mall, how we were afraid … Continue reading ...

Ep. 643 – Christmas All-Calls

Dec 29 • 02:22:35

Christmas All-Calls! Things have been pretty hectic all the way around this time of the year for all of us. So we got together the day after Christmas to take some calls and well, talk about Christmas. We talk gifts for us, gifts for the kids, traditions, Ian is so kind to give Tyler and … Continue reading ...

Ep. 642 – Ultraman: Towards the Future

Dec 22 • 02:27:45

Ultraman: Towards the Future. Towards? Would it be towards or toward? This game slides TOWORDS the garbage can. We discuss the tornado that ended the last episode so abruptly (not that Tetris 2 was a banger anyway), we talk about odd pediatricians, the male Sex and the City reboot, Peloton spoilers, Ultraman as a series … Continue reading ...

Ep. 641 – Tetris 2

Dec 15 • 01:26:54

Tetris 2. Did you know there was a Tetris 2? If you’re like use and didn’t there may be a pretty good reason for that. Also, this episode goes from damp to danger zone over the course of an hour and a half. We recorded this episode on the night of the tornado that destroyed … Continue reading ...

Ep. 640 – The Addams Family (SNES)

Dec 8 • 02:53:13

What is the best game you can rent at Piggly Wiggly? That’s right, The Addams Family on the SNES. To truly cover this game we have to bring TADPOG IT back in force with Wizened Sage Ian and Captain Gun Nerd Jon. We discuss the great new social media platform, Jonbook! Neighbors with impressive things, … Continue reading ...

Ep. 639 – Super Baseball Simulator 1.000

Dec 1 • 03:09:14

Super Baseball Simulator 1.000, so is that a thousand? one? I’m sure baseballers would know but that certainly isn’t Tyler, Dave, or Ian. We survived Thanksgiving, managed to make it though Black Friday, and even play this game to bring it’s wonderful content to you. We talk about the holidays and our experiences with it … Continue reading ...

Ep. 638 – Super Soccer

Nov 24 • 03:09:11

Super Soccer! You knew it was coming so here it is, another glorious TADPOG sports episode. BUT we do have plenty of banter and take plenty of calls. We do actually have some opinions about this game so we have that going for us, which is nice. There is quite a run down of all … Continue reading ...

Ep. 637 – Wild Guns

Nov 17 • 03:01:02

As we play through all of these SNES games, have you wondered if we would find a truly valuable hidden gem? Well, this is it. Wild Guns. Tyler, Dave, and Ian were all surprised by the quality of this game. So there is actually a lot of game talk but plenty of talk about horror … Continue reading ...

Ep. 636 – Super Valis IV

Nov 10 • 02:49:26

Super Valis IV! You love this long running series on the SNES! Wait, you didn’t play the other three? They weren’t on SNES? They were much deeper PC games? Well, what does that makes this game? COME SIT AWHILE AND LISTEN while we delve into the good things and the bad things of the this … Continue reading ...

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