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Brett Terpstra explores the idea that all work is creative work, welcoming a different guest each week.

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261: Kids in the System with Jeff Severns Guntzel

Jun 5 • 54:27

This week’s guest is Jeff Severns Guntzel, an investigative researcher with 20 years of journalism and humanitarian work under his belt. He joins Brett to talk about the juvenile detention system, prison abolition, activism, good deeds through hardware hacking, and trips to the garbage dump....

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260: Autism and Women with Betty and Colleen McCluskey

May 14 • 54:27

This week’s guests are Betty and Colleen McCluskey. Betty is a Licensed Professional Counselor in the State of Wisconsin with a special interest in Autistic Spectrum Disorders. Colleen McCluskey is a graduate student with Asperger’s Syndrome attending the University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire (UWEC) and pursuing an English Master’s Degree. They join Brett to talk about autism...

259: Restoration with Patrick Rhone

Apr 22 • 01:19:37

This week’s guest is Patrick Rhone, writer, blogger, technology consultant, mental health advocate and home restoration enthusiast. He joins Brett to talk mental health, home restoration, and some of his favorite tools....

258: Stuff of Lore with Aaron Mahnke

Apr 15 • 46:08

This week’s guest is Aaron Mahnke, the creator of the Lore podcast and the small empire that’s grown up around it. He joins Brett to talk about Lore, podcasting, and how life can change when you least expect it....

257: A Freewheeling Conversation with Tris Hussey

Apr 1 • 56:56

This week’s guest is Tris Hussey, a freelance content marketer. He joins Brett for a wide-ranging discussion about writing, mind mapping, software tools, and Cadbury Cream Eggs....

256: Just Build Things with Tiffany White

Mar 25 • 35:15

This week’s guest is Tiffany White, an independent software developer. She joins Brett to talk about getting started in a tech career, some indie filmmaking, and some classy Top 3 Picks....

255: A Weighty Discussion with April Herndon

Mar 19 • 01:00:00

This week’s guest is April Herndon, an English professor and author (and many other things). She joins Brett to talk about fat advocacy, her Appalachian roots, and the joys of punching bags....

254: The Psychology of Addiction with Steve Daviss, MD

Mar 11 • 01:06:20

This week’s guest is Dr. Steve Daviss, a consultation laison psychiatrist. He joins Brett to talk about pandemic psychology, addiction, ADHD, note taking, and a bit of making music with code....

253: The Thing About Poker with Victor Agreda Jr.

Mar 4 • 41:16

This week’s guest is Victor Agreda Jr, a polymath for hire. He joins Brett to talk startups, poker, comedy, and mental health....

252: Quarantine Comedy with David Wain

Feb 11 • 54:31

This week’s guest is David Wain, a writer, director, actor, comedian, talented musician and amateur magician, among other things. He and Brett talk about getting a show to Netflix, quarantine content production, and some great Top 3 Picks....

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