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The future of energy, transport, sustainability and more, as told by BNEF analysts. Each week, Mark Taylor and Dana Perkins sit down with Bloomberg NEF (BNEF) analysts to uncover the key findings and stories behind their latest research.

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The Future of Geothermal Part 2: The Business Case

Dec 7 • 32:24

In June of this year, the California Public Utilities Commission put out a decision requiring an additional 11,500MW of clean energy capacity to be procured by entities supplying the California grid by 2026. But also stipulated 1,000MW of this has to come from zero-emitting, renewable resources that have at least an 80% capacity factor, or, geothermal. In part 1 of this se...

The Future of Geothermal Part 1: Technology Development

Dec 3 • 31:30

Geothermal is a small industry, with just about 14 gigawatts of capacity online globally. But where it matters, it matters a lot. In pockets around the world, geothermal can be not just the cleanest form of power, but also the cheapest. Still, geothermal development is hard -- drilling wells involves similar risks to oil and gas projects, but offers returns more in line wi...

Rio Tinto Turns to Carbfix to Bury CO2

Nov 22 • 36:29

In late October, Rio Tinto announced plans to capture and bury CO2 from its ISAL aluminum smelter outside Reykjavik in the basalt right under its feet. The initiative is part of a $7.5bn effort to reduce firm-wide operational emissions by 50% by 2030. Today, Switched On speaks with Kari Helgason, head of research and innovation at Carbfix, the company that will take Rio's ...

Government Net-Zero Strategy Playbook

Nov 15 • 25:08

Hundreds of countries and companies aim to hit net-zero CO2 emissions by 2050, or thereabouts. But even after COP26, most have not laid out clear pathways to getting there, and are putting themselves in the position of starting too late to meet the mid-century deadline. This decade is critical to get things going. This week, Switched On speaks with BNEF head of energy tran...

Methane's Big Moment

Nov 5 • 31:22

Methane is a potent greenhouse gas. When it comes to reducing methane emissions, monitoring technology, economics, and policy all have an important role to play. This week, Switched On speaks with BNEF analysts Antoine Vagneur-Jones, who covers EMEA Energy Transitions, and Nakul Nair, who covers U.S. Gas & LNG. They tell us about methane emissions and what can be done....

The Final Countdown: Biden's Last Push Before Glasgow

Oct 28 • 37:54

The pressure is on the U.S. to get its climate house in order before it seeks to lead negotiations in Glasgow. This week, Switched On speaks with BNEF head of Americas, Ethan Zindler, and BNEF head of global policy, Victoria Cuming. They will walk us through the politics in the U.S. and what to watch out for in Glasgow, whether or not Biden shows up to the conference as a ...

Europe Energy Crunch, Explained

Oct 11 • 32:29

Europe's energy crunch is complex and weeks in, does not yet seems to be resolving, with higher gas prices, gasoline shortages and electricity retailers going out of business. This week, Switched On speaks with BNEF head of research for EMEA, David Hostert. He will walk us through the big picture -- why the energy crunch, why now -- and talk us through how gas, coal, carbo...

Hydrogen 101

Oct 5 • 58:45

Hydrogen is a clean burning molecule that could be used to cut carbon emissions in some of the hardest to abate sectors like steel, cement, and aluminum production. This week, Switched On speaks with BloombergNEF lead hydrogen analyst Martin Tengler about the fundamentals of hydrogen. He will talk us through the many ways hydrogen can be produced, transported and used, plu...

Glencore on Net-Zero Mining

Sep 27 • 42:09

International mining company Glencore has set a net-zero 2050 ambition across its operations for scope 1, 2, and 3 emissions, meaning not only the mining but the use of its products, like coal. Today, Switched On speaks with Anna Krutikov, head of sustainable development at Glencore. She walks us through the company's targets, opportunities faced by Glencore in the energy ...

Technology for Greener Cities

Sep 16 • 25:26

The urban sprawl can seem endless, but in reality, cities only cover 3% of global landmass, while accounting for 70% of global emissions. Cities around the world are therefore turning their focus to sustainability. This week, Switched On speaks with Technology & Innovation analyst for BNEF, Kirti Vasta. She will tell us about cities making moves toward sustainability and w...

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