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2016 changed us. We woke up, and now we’re fighting back. In 2018 we took back the House in a massive blue wave and in 2020 we took back the White House, but that was just the beginning. We’re looking ahead to how we’ll build a just and equitable America for us all. Every week you’ll hear inspiringRead more

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Combating our Climate Crisis with CA Assemblymember Laura Friedman

Dec 1 • 48:53

Today, Mariah and Steve talk about the attack on Roe vs. Wade and its chances with our now conservative-leaning Supreme Court, GOP clowns in Congress, and what happens when a city hits a vaccination milestone. Then, joining us for our interview is CA Assemblymember and environmental champion, Laura Friedman! We get a behind the scenes look at COP 26, and learn some practic...

How We Win With Words with Anat Shenker-Osorio

Nov 24 • 01:14:43

Mariah is back just in time for our Thanksgiving episode! We will catch up with her about all the highs and lows of the week, of which there are many. And joining us for our interview in what is becoming a Thanksgiving tradition is messaging and communications expert, Anat Shenker-Osorio! She is one of our favorite guests because she always brings amazing practical insight...

Pantsuited with Sarah Stewart Holland and Beth Silvers

Nov 17 • 33:56

We’ve got a lot of good news happening this week! Biden has signed the Infrastructure bill into law, Justice is being served to Bannon, Alex Jones, and others, and the world is coming together to address our climate crisis. Helping us out to discuss it all and also how we discuss it with each other, are the co-hosts of the “Pantsuit Politics” podcast and co-authors of “I T...

Infrastructure Week! with Scott Dworkin

Nov 10 • 49:40

Infrastructure week is finally here, kids are getting Covid vaccines, and more subpoenas are being handed down to former Trump officials by the Jan. 6th commission. There are a lot of reasons for hope this week! Joining us to talk about all the things we are paying attention to (and some things we aren’t but we should be), is the founder and Executive Director of the Democ...

Election Breakdown with Jennifer Bendery

Nov 4 • 57:17

It’s been a week for Democrats… We have results from the Virginia election and are processing what it means for Democrats moving forward. We are also seeing light at the end of the infrastructure tunnel, Voting Rights legislation is on the senate’s agenda, and Biden is back from a groundbreaking trip to Europe. Joining us to help break all of it down is Senior politics rep...

Deep Into Digital with Nick Knudsen

Oct 27 • 52:36

Nice White Ladies with Jessie Daniels

Oct 20 • 01:00:20

Today we talk about Bannon, Buttigieg, the supply chain, Ahmed Aubry, and how you can help Democrats win in Virginia. Then Jessie Daniels joins us for our interview. She’s an expert on Internet manifestations of racism and the author of the new book, “Nice White Ladies - The Truth about White Supremacy, Our Role in It, and How We Can Help Dismantle It”. All of that, plus o...

Paying Attention with Alonzo Bodden and VA Delegate Wendy Gooditis

Oct 13 • 48:59

Helping us break down the week and share our reasons for hope is comedian, regular panel member on NPR’s Wait Wait…Don’t Tell Me, and host of the Who’s Paying Attention? podcast, Alonzo Bodden! And because we are still just weeks away from the Virginia election, we’ve got Virginia Delegate Wendy Gooditis joining us to share her inspiring story and get you fired up to help ...

Countdown to Virginia with Katie Sponsler

Oct 6 • 46:54

Writing All the Letters! with Vote Forward

Oct 1 • 24:48

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