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Power, unpacked. “Sway” is a new interview show hosted by Kara Swisher, “Silicon Valley’s most feared and well liked journalist.” Now taking on Washington, Hollywood and the world, Kara investigates power: who has it, who’s been denied it, and who dares to defy it. Every Monday and Thursday, fromRead more

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Food Delivery Is Keeping Uber Alive. Will It Kill Restaurants?

Jan 14 • 38:30

Uber’s chief executive, Dara Khosrowshahi, is charging toward a world in which food is delivered through apps like Uber Eats and “a driver may be human or may be software.” On the way, he acknowledges, “the human consequences can be painful.” Uber is not profitable yet, but its deep pockets and vast infrastructure give it power over independent restaurants and individual d...

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Elon Musk Wants to Hack Your Brain

Sep 28 • 46:08

Elon Musk has a vision of the future, and — as one of the world’s richest men with four corporations under his reign — the means to try to manifest it. In a conversation with Kara Swisher, he outlines his theory of, well, everything....

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If You Were on This App, You Saw the Mob Coming

Jan 7 • 34:27

A mob stormed Washington and Twitter locked the account of a president who helped incite this violence. But Donald Trump and his supporters still have an effectively unregulated safe space: Parler. Chief executive John Matze calls his social media platform a “neutral town square.” Kara Swisher disagrees. On today’s episode of “Sway,” she challenges Matze on the neutrality ...

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The Man Behind America’s Race for a Vaccine

Oct 5 • 45:40

Dr. Moncef Slaoui is the head of Operation Warp Speed, and arguably the most powerful force in the mission to vaccinate America from the coronavirus. The scientist, a 30-year pharmaceutical industry veteran and registered Democrat, says he doesn’t “want to get into the politics” even though everything about the United States’ coronavirus response — from mask-wearing to Pre...

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Post-Election Therapy With Esther Perel

Nov 9 • 41:14

With a divisive election, an economy in a tailspin and a global pandemic, we could all use a little healing. Enter Esther Perel, an author and psychotherapist with the power to help mend relationships. “We have a screaming match, but we have a foundation underneath that,” she says....

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Why 3rd Grade Matters

Nov 19 • 42:37

President-Elect Joe Biden has a daunting task ahead of him: reviving an economy that’s depressed while governing a country that’s politically divided. But one of his core advisers, Raj Chetty, believes that there’s a way to push past the politics: data....

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Is it Investing or Cliff Jumping? Reddit C.E.O. on the Forum Shaking Up Wall Street

Feb 1 • 39:42

Shares of GameStop shot up 400 percent last week, egged on by the Reddit forum r/WallStreetBets. The online community rallied to drive up the stock price and put the squeeze on big hedge funds who had bet against the struggling video game retailer. Reddit chief executive Steve Huffman — who calls  r/WallStreetBets one of his “guilty pleasures” — described this as “the onli...

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They Made the ‘Pfizer Vaccine’

Dec 3 • 27:00

Drs. Ozlem Tureci and Ugur Sahin are behind the first vaccine to be approved in the West. Starting next week, the “Pfizer vaccine” will be available in Britain....

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At-Home Covid Tests and Other Powers of a Tech Billionaire

Nov 16 • 43:16

Chamath Palihapitiya is one of Silicon Valley’s most successful tech investors. He’s also among the most candid. “I aspire to be a Koch brother before I aspire to be an under secretary,” he tells Kara Swisher on this episode of “Sway.” His definition of power has little to do with politics — it’s profits, he says, that empower you to “control the resources.”...

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What the Heck are NFTs? Let's Ask Beeple.

Mar 22 • 49:19

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