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What if you could have more fulfillment and ease in your professional and personal life and still be ambitious? Join Kathy Oneto, founder of Sustainable Ambition, for conversations with experts, authors, and friends on what it means to live with Sustainable Ambition. Learn concepts, tips, and toolsRead more

Popular episodes

39. On Rethinking & Shaping Your Time with Kathy Oneto

Nov 16 • 27:02

In today’s modern world with its never-ending demands, we can be left feeling like time controls us more than we control our time. ...

38. On Parenthood+Work & Mindful Returns with Lori Mihalich-Levin

Nov 11 • 49:33

I was thrilled to be joined by Lori Mihalich-Levin, founder and CEO of Mindful Return, to talk about parenthood+work and helping parents navigate this stage in life and career. Lori champions parents having a more mindful return back to the office after welcoming a baby and offers an e-course that supports parents through the transition. And, her research shows that it del...

37. On A Challenge to Grant Yourself Permission with Kathy Oneto

Nov 3 • 09:17

In this short episode, Kathy Oneto, host and founder of Sustainable Ambition, talks about the concept of permission and how it has been showing up a lot for her of late. It inspired her to jump on and share a challenge with you for the coming week and/or holiday months. ...

36. On Embracing the Messiness & Success of Career Journeys with Will Schafer

Oct 27 • 43:26

It was so wonderful to be in conversation with Will Schafer, VP of International Marketing at Beyond Meat, where he's been for 7 years through the company’s early growth and IPO. While you might assume in seeing Will’s current title that his career had a straight line, it’s instead been a journey mixed with corporate stints, sabbaticals, business school, consulting, and in...

35. On Good Risk, Lifestyle Design, & Courage to Step Off the Path with Mike Murgatroyd

Oct 20 • 42:42

In this episode, I’m joined by my good friend, Mike Murgatroyd. Mike is one of the people I talk to and love to seek wisdom from when making decisions about my own life and career. He’s supported me in finding my way towards more Sustainable Ambition. So, I wanted to have him on to hear more about his own journey and how he makes decisions about his career and life....

34. On Flourishing at Work in Community & with Experimentation with Amy Bonsall

Oct 13 • 47:32

In this episode, I’m joined by Amy Bonsall, founder and  CEO of Nau, a business designed to support teams and individuals in flourishing at work....

33. On Get Done What You Want to Get Done (AKA GSD!) with Kathy Oneto

Oct 6 • 24:30

Are you an ambitious person who gets inspired to do a lot? You have multiple ideas, get excited about a lot of projects, and can’t help yourself but take them on? It can easily happen when you’re engaged and motivated. But often in those situations, you might start to feel frustrated when you find yourself not making as much progress as you’d like, because your plate is so...

32. On Building Endurance for Work+Life & Effective Leadership with Katie Ceccarini

Sep 29 • 45:07

I’m thrilled to be joined in this episode by Katie Ceccarini, founder of Endurance Management Coaching. She is an executive coach and trainer who works with leaders to empower their vision and unleash their strengths. She is also an endurance athlete and mom....

31. On Playing the Long Game with Dorie Clark

Sep 22 • 42:54

On this episode, I was honored to be joined by Dorie Clark to discuss her latest book, The Long Game, that was released on September 21, 2021. If you are seeking to build a sustainable, enduring, fulfilling career from decade to decade, The Long Game is a must on your reading list! And in this conversation, we delve into why Dorie’s concepts have such application to buildi...

30. On Work + Life as a Breadwinning Woman with Bethanie Baynes

Sep 15 • 45:06

Today I’m joined by Bethanie Baynes, a tireless women’s advocate and recognized leader on the topic of breadwinning women and host of the podcast, “Working Wife, Happy Life.” A proud breadwinning woman herself, Bethanie has created awareness, built community, and provided resources for women who are the sole or primary earners for their households....

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