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Smart Solutions to Environmental Risks | Dr. Deborah Brosnan

Oct 15 • 46:42
Did you know coral reefs provide a buffer - protecting our coasts from big waves, storms, and floods? In a time with more frequent natural disasters due to the changing climate, there’s an important message to learn: when people live in harmony with nature, we minimize our environmental risks and can even benefit from strengthened ecosystems. Today’s guest knows all about ...

Lloyds Bank | Financing A Greener Future Together

Oct 8 • 47:24
In this Episode I speak with Rachel Finesilver, Manager of Sustainability & Responsible Business at Lloyds Banking Group, and Champion of Sustainable Banking.
According to a report by Morgan Stanley analysts, the cost of stopping climate change and reducing net carbon emissions to zero by 2050, is 50 Trillion US Dollars. That includes a whole array of alternatives to our cu...

Strong, Non-Toxic Cleaners - Just Add Water!

Oct 1 • 52:46
According to the Ellen MacArthur Foundation, more than 90 percent of a bottle of standard cleaning product is just water. Considering that people in most developed countries have access to clean water, this current production scheme seems like a waste. Factories mix their cleaning solution with water, package it in bottles and ship it around the world. Shipping products wi...

Organic & Sustainable Diapers

Sep 24 • 30:32
There are 11 million diaper-age babies in the US. Each baby uses an average of 65 diapers per week. That results in over 37 BILLION disposables being tossed EACH YEAR in the US alone. With raising awareness of single-use plastic bags, bottles and straws, why are diapers, which currently make up 30% of non-biodegradable waste in American landfills, disregarded?
In this Episo...

Capturing The Climate Crisis Where It Hits Hardest | Ashley Cooper

Sep 17 • 43:06
One of the biggest problems hindering a stronger global response against climate change, is that the effects are not felt equally all over the world, but in certain areas to a much stronger extent. Polar ice caps melting, ice bears stranded on drifting ice, floods and forest fires reaching unprecedented scales - while the west bears the most responsibility for climate disa...

Finding A Career in Sustainability

Sep 10 • 54:33

In this episode of Sustainability Champions, I speak with Jules Hayward, Learning Executive Lead at the Ellen MacArthur Foundation....

Eco-Friendly Design For A Sustainable Future

Sep 3 • 49:10
In this episode of Sustainability Champions, I speak with Patrick Marsden, Partner and Co-Owner of MaCher and Champion of Sustainable Product Design.
Not creating a product in the first place is the most sustainable thing you can do when creating products. Starting with the simple question “why” allows us to understand if the product is important to make in the first place ...

Eco-Friendly Holiday Destinations

Sep 1 • 41:39
In this Episode of Sustainability Champions, I speak with Bob Garner, Co-Owner of Casal dei Fichi and Champion of Sustainable Holidays.
When we take a vacation, we oftentime enjoy luxuries beyond imagination in destinations around the world, whether artificial beaches and 5-star hotels in Dubai, enormous resorts in Mexico, or cruises that travel around the world. 

When we ge...

Data Makes The Trucks Go Greener | Tracks For Trucks

Aug 27 • 34:59
In this Episode of Sustainability Champions I speak with Jakob Muus, Founder and CEO of Tracks For Trucks and Champion of Sustainable Supply Chains.
Did you know that the road freight industry is responsible for roughly 6% of the European CO2 emissions? Our global world depends on intricate supply chains to move food and goods from centralized production facilities to sales...

Eating Insects For Food

Aug 25 • 39:22
In this episode of Sustainability Champions, I speak with Francesco Majno, Co-Founder and CEO of Crické Food, and Champion of Insect Proteins. 
To facilitate our growing populations and to reduce the waste, inefficiency and the negative environmental impacts of meat farms, we need alternative proteins. On this podcast, we’ve already spoken about highly technical solutions l...

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