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Surviving Mold Podcast is devoted to navigating all aspects of treating mold or bio-toxin diseases. Hosted by the Author of “Surviving Mold,” Dr. Ritchie Shoemaker was the physician who founded the treatment for mold disease, also known as CIRS. Dr. Shoemaker is tirelessly passionate aboutRead more

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Episode 8- What to expect when purchasing remediation and compounding medications.

Mar 12 • 17:06
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Once you've been diagnosed, what can you expect? CIRS medication and remediation isn't like other medications, you can't go to CVS to pick it up. Learn how the process works for compound based medicine with our guest, Dr. Jimmy Ryan.

Are you affected by mold? Find out in 15 minutes here:
Find a mold specialist near you! Doct...

Episode 7 What's really wrong with you? How data tells the real story: genomics.

Aug 7 • 17:34

Genomics: How genes can tell the true story of what's going on with your body and how most genomics test don't go far enough. Dr. Jimmy Ryan joins us to discuss....

Episode 6 - What happens once you're prescribed a compounded medication?

Jul 3 • 13:52

Episode 5- Can you purchase mold medications at local pharmacies?

May 10 • 14:26

Will a Flir one or pocket thermal camera help find mold in my home?

Mar 22 • 12:36

How to find a mold free home and understanding the types of homes & regions susceptible to mold.

Nov 25 • 13:12

How to test your home for mold and ensure complete removal.

Aug 16 • 24:47

Discovering that your home has mold is just the start. Testing your home the proper way can significantly affect the results. What is the best mold test for your home? Learn how amazon tests wont give you the information you need....

Can mold cause memory Loss? Dr. Karen Johnson discusses how your environment and moldy house may affect your memory.

Jul 27 • 12:17
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Did you know that moldy environments, including houses, apartments and office buildings can affect your memory. Dr. Karen Johnson discusses how biotoxin illness can have significant consequences for memory loss. Have you ever wondered if moldy home can cause mental problems, you may be onto something! Mold and moldy environments represent over 40% of American buildings, a...

How Mold Exposure Ruined My Life and How I Survived.

Oct 13 • 28:55
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In this first episode of Surviving Mold we meet Gabe, the son of Kathy Adzich. Gabe was a normal college athlete, hoping to excel in the college basketball lifestyle. Driven, passionate, and motivated, Gabe quickly rose through the ranks of his college basketball program. He obtained a Division 1 basketball scholarship as an incoming freshman. Things were looking up for Ga...

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