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Supermanagers, brought to you by the team at, is the podcast for managers and leaders who want to become better at leading teams and organizations. Aydin Mirzaee, CEO at, interviews world-class executives about the habits, thought patterns, and experiences that have helpedRead more

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The Art of Being an Optimist: Framing Meetings as Ceremonies and Obstacles as Opportunities (with Matt Davey, Chief Experience Officer at 1Password)

Nov 25 • 45:52

In episode 77, Matt Davey shares how to frame meetings as ceremonies and obstacles as opportunities....

The Mood of the Meeting: How to Keep Energy Levels High and Be a Good Steward of Time (with Steven Rogelberg, Chancellor's Professor and Author)

Nov 18 • 30:57

In episode 76, Steven Rogelberg shares the mood of the meeting....

Shifting from Peer to Manager: How to Onboard and Coach Your Team to their Full Potential (with Renee Solorzano, Director of Product Design at Faire)

Nov 11 • 41:39

In episode 75, Renee Solorzano shares how to onboard and coach your team to their full potential....

Most Goals are Wrong: How to Decide What’s Worth Pursuing and Become an Expert in Anything with Paul Lem (Serial Entrepreneur and Author of Master Life Faster)

Nov 4 • 47:21

In episode 74, Paul Lem tells us why most of the goals we set are wrong....

Driving Engagement through Career-Making Moments, Disruptive Perspectives, and Data with Phylicia Jones (Senior Director, Global Talent Development at PagerDuty)

Oct 28 • 43:59

In episode 73, Phylicia Jones shares why it is important to have a point of view even if it disrupts someone else’s....

Kim Scott (Author of Radical Candor) on How to Get Sh*t Done Fast and Fair in the Workplace

Oct 21 • 44:07

In episode 72, Kim Scott tells you how to get sh*t done fast and fair at work....

The Art of Growing Up: Using the Challenges of Leadership to Attain Radical Self-Inquiry (with Jerry Colonna, CEO of

Oct 14 • 52:01

In episode 71, Jerry Colonna teaches you how to attain radical self-inquiry through the challenges of leadership....

How Amazon Raised the Hiring Bar and Leveraged Narratives for Decision-Making (with Colin Bryar, Former Amazon VP)

Oct 7 • 50:45

In episode 70, Colin Bryar shares how Amazon improved their hiring process with Bar Raisers and why they ditched Powerpoints during decision-making meetings....

Mission on Repeat: To Lead in High Pressure Environments, Get Laser-Focused on the Standards with David Robinson (Former Commanding Officer at the US Marine Corps)

Sep 30 • 49:06

In episode 69, David Robinson shares why managers must get laser-focused on their standards....

Applying Behavioural Science in the Workplace: How Positive Reframing Can Make You a Better Manager with Sarah Gretczko (Executive Vice President, Chief Learning & Insights Officer at Mastercard)

Sep 23 • 44:06

In episode 68, Sarah Gretczko dives into positive reframing and explains why this skill can be used with anyone, from toddlers to business professionals. ...

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