Supermanagers, brought to you by the team at Fellow.app, is the podcast for managers and leaders who want to become better at leading teams and organizations. Aydin Mirzaee, CEO of Fellow.app, interviews world-class executives about the habits, thought patterns, and experiences that have helpedRead more

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The Science of Storytelling: Entering Conversations with Curiosity and Defaulting to the Uncomfortable ( Karen Eber, CEO of Eber Leadership Group)

Jul 22 • 42:29

In episode 59, Karen Eber dives into the science of storytelling, how it can shape culture and why leaders need to understand the power of a great story....

Applying a Systems Thinking Lens to Management with Smruti Patel (Head of Engineering, LEAP & Data Platform at Stripe)

Jul 15 • 44:15

In episode 58, Smruti Patel talks about building trust through clarity and vulnerability and the importance of how information flows within an organization....

Job vs. Career Growth: Serving Your Team Through Open Dialogue, Bottom Up Ideas, and 1:1s with Kyle Lacy (Chief Marketing Officer, Lessonly)

Jul 8 • 42:18

In episode 57, Kyle Lacy shares how to communicate ideas in an effective way and why he believes the best ideas come from irrationality....

From Maker to Manager: Leveraging the Power of Influence and Storytelling with Chetana Deorah (Director of Product Design, Coursera)

Jul 1 • 38:07

In episode 56, Chetana shares how the way you walk, talk, and even how free or busy your calendar is matters when it comes to your team’s perception of you....

Ask vs. Guess Culture: Encouraging Disagreement and Praising Courage with Danielle Leong, Director of Engineering at GitHub

Jun 24 • 43:18

In episode 55, Danielle shares how we can improve our emotional intelligence through cross-pollinating our teams....

Practice Over Performance: How to Train Your Team’s Collaboration Muscles & Mindsets (with Eugene Eric Kim, Principal at Faster Than 20)

Jun 17 • 41:44

In episode 54, Eugene Eric Kim tells us why we always need to be looking for our replacement and how impactful a person in power can truly be....

How to Build a Portfolio of Influence and Pay Attention to Potential (with Hareem Mannan, Head of Design & Group Product Manager at Segment)

Jun 10 • 44:23

In episode 53, Hareem Mannan shares how to build a portfolio of influence that can impact an entire organization and how to pay attention to potential rather than requirements....

Manage Systems, Lead People: How to Multiply Team Strengths and Delegate Rigorously with Pat Kua (Founder, Tech Lead Academy)

Jun 3 • 41:24

In episode 52, Pat Kua shares how and why you should be multiplying others on your team (and what that means!)...

Growth & Graduation: Embracing Failure and Building Manageable Habits with Daniel Saks (President and Co-CEO of AppDirect)

May 27 • 43:47

In episode #51, Daniel Saks shares why it’s important to encourage failure and risk, and allow for others to share their lessons learned....

How Shopify’s President Builds Highly Effective Teams: Special Anniversary of Supermanagers with Harley Finkelstein (President of Shopify)

May 20 • 46:58

In our 50th episode of Supermanagers, Harley Finkelstein shares how he builds highly effective teams....

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