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Jesse Felder worked for the largest firm on Wall Street, co-founded a multi-billion-dollar hedge fund firm and has been active in the markets for over 20 years. This podcast is his journey to talk with a number of superinvestors who have been an inspiration to him in an effort to understand whatRead more

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#47: David Hay On Balancing Risk Management With Timely Opportunism

Jul 21 • 01:03:37
David Hay has been managing money for over 40 years using a tried and true approach steeped in classic value investing paired with an appreciation for technical analysis that can only be developed through vast experience in the markets. What's more, David also has a unique ability to balance a healthy respect for risk management with an openness to opportunities that arise...

#46: Kiril Sokoloff On Seeking Truth In An Era Of Sophistry

Jul 7 • 56:55
For over half a century now, Kiril Sokoloff has not only identified in advance the most significant trends and innovations driving the markets and economy, he has also pinpointed the most attractive investment opportunities afforded by them. As a result, his firm, 13D Research, has become one of the most respected and influential services among institutional investors arou...

#45: Michael Oliver On The 'Massive Momentum Structure' In The Stock Market

Jun 30 • 56:15
One thing I try to do with this podcast, is to find people who are taking a truly unique approach to analyzing the markets, those taking the "financial road less traveled," as I like to call it. Well, Michael Oliver is surely one of those. There is traditional technical analysis, the study of charts which has been around for as long as markets, and then there is Michael's,...

#44: Julian Brigden On The Fed's 'Impossible Trinity'

Jun 23 • 01:07:05
Julian Brigden is a master of models. In putting together his macro theses, which have presciently called major moves in everything from inflation and the dollar to the most popular manias in the stock market, he carefully studies inter-market relationships and correlations to come up with a framework grounded in real data rather than arcane theories and formulas. This pra...

#43: Diego Parrilla On Appreciating The Opportunity Set In ‘Antibubbles’

Apr 21 • 01:11:13
It was just over two years ago Diego Parrilla first joined me on the podcast to discuss his framework for analyzing financial bubbles and what he calls, "antibubbles." You may have noticed that the topic of bubbles and antibubbles has come up in both of my recent interviews with James Davolos, on the topic of inflation, and Adam Rozencwaig, on the mania in green energy sto...

#42: Adam Rozencwajg On The Speculative Mania In Green Energy Stocks

Mar 10 • 57:55
Back in October of last year, I had the pleasure of discussing the "generational opportunity in energy stocks" with Leigh Goehring. At the time, he made a very compelling investment case for the energy sector and, in just the five months since then, it has nearly doubled in value. Leigh and his firm still believe energy offers compelling value but to truly appreciate it, i...

#41: James Davolos On Protecting Yourself Against A Paradigm Shift In Inflation

Feb 24 • 01:05:29
Perhaps the biggest debate in the markets today is regarding the prospect of inflation. Will the massive fiscal stimulus and money printing of the past year or so, paired with shifting trends in global trade and demographics, result in a secular shift in the disinflationary paradigm we have seen for the past 40 years? To try to answer this question and to better understand...

#40: Grant Williams On Focusing On What's Important

Feb 10 • 01:04:55
Since starting his newsletter roughly a decade ago and then founding RealVision a few years later, Grant Williams has established himself as one of the preeminent creators and curators of financial wisdom in the world. His keen yet conversational interviews with some of the most interesting thinkers in the financial field have inspired investors of every ilk all around the...

#39: John Hussman On Navigating One Of The Most Overextended Stock Markets Of All Time

Jan 27 • 01:22:40
At just seventeen years old, John Hussman's introduction to the world of finance was a job hand drawing charts for an investment adviser who liked his handwriting. From that point on, he was hooked on markets. After receiving his PhD in Economics from Stanford in 1992, he went on to found Hussman Strategic Advisers and has been managing equity portfolios ever since. In thi...

#38: Danielle DiMartino Booth On The Future Of The Federal Reserve

Jan 13 • 01:00:54
After a successful career on Wall Street, Danielle DiMartino Booth spent years as special adviser to Richard Fisher while he was head of the Dallas Fed. In her role, she provided an invaluable, markets-based perspective to one of the most independent-thinkers to have served in a leadership position at the Federal Reserve. What's more, she did so during one of the most tumu...

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