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If you're learning to code, because you want to switch or start a new career as a web developer or software developer, then this podcast is for you! I'll be sharing my personal journey from joining a coding bootcamp to becoming a remote developer. One day I'll travel the world as a digital nomadRead more

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20: Interview with Erik Hanchett from the "Self Taught Or Not" Podcast

Aug 31 • 29:18

In this interview, I get the chance to interview Erik Hanchett (@ErikCH on Twitter) who studied computer science at university and we discuss some of the differences between going the "traditional" vs "coding Bootcamp" route to becoming a software developer.

Bonus: Erik also shares some very helpful tips for junior / entry-level software developers

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19: Don’t Make These Mistakes as a Junior Developer

Aug 10 • 13:11

As a junior developer I made plenty of mistakes that you don't have to! In this episode of SuitcaseCoder: The Podcast, I give away some things you can be doing as you #learntocode to become a confidently skilled developer....

18: Tips for Working Remotely, Truly Remote

Aug 3 • 08:50

How to be fully prepared to work remotely (not at home or from a house).

The ability to work remotely is truly a dream come true, but if you want to keep working remotely, you have to be fully prepared. In this episode, I'll be going over some simple tips that will make a huge difference in choosing the right location and being prepared for a fully remote work setup.


17: How To Decide on Your First Coding Project

May 18 • 13:35

Choosing what your first coding project or full-stack app should be can be challenging. I'm hoping this episode helps you narrow down your options and gives you a great starting point for choosing your very first coding project. Good luck!

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16. 5 Reasons You Should Apply to That Software Development Job Today

May 11 • 09:59

In this episode, I go over 5 reasons why I believe it's time you apply for that job, even if you don't think you're ready yet. ...

15: From Pizza Delivery to 6-Figures as a Self-Taught Software Development

May 4 • 58:25

I'm so excited for you to listen to Dylan Israel's story! Dylan is a self-taught developer who went from living on a friend's couch to facing THREE six-figure job offers as a software developer. Dylan has since started a podcast, a youtube channel, and offers excellent coding courses on Scrimba.

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14: 6 Simple Study Tips for Learning to Code

Apr 6 • 13:26

In this podcast episode, I talk about tips that will help you learn effectively and efficiently when learning to become a software developer. During my time as a programming student and an instructor at a coding bootcamp, I have collected learning tips and tricks that I have seen lead to becoming a successful junior developer.  ...

13: Javascript Arrays and For Loops

Mar 30 • 07:14

In this episode, I go over JavaScript Arrays and looping through arrays using For Loops! It's short, simple, and to the point!


12: Life Lessons From Learning To Code

Mar 23 • 10:47

On Today's podcast episode, I talk about all the things that I wasn't expecting to learn when I decided to make a career switch into #softwaredevelopment


11: Wireframing for Web and Software Developers

Mar 9 • 09:28

Wireframing is a crucial part of the programming process, whether you're a web developer working in mainly HTML and CSS, or you're a web/mobile app developer, you want to make sure that you have a solid foundation and idea of what you plan on accomplishing with your app. ...

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