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Sue Larkey enlightens, and entertains with valuable insights into Autism Spectrum Disorder, ADHD, ODD and PDA. Covering strategies from the Early Years to Teens Years and Beyond. To learn more about teaching or understanding ASD please visit my websites below. Australian website:Read more

Popular episodes

SLP 136: Finding Autistic Joy & More - An Interview with Dean Beadle

Dec 6 • 51:14

We are on a roll with role models at the moment!! Did you listen to last week’s podcast on why it’s so important to have role models with lived experience – check it out here....

SLP 135: The Importance of Role Models with a Lived Experience - For You & the Kids you Know

Nov 29 • 28:36

Role models are so important for promoting understanding, especially for children. I have found that hearing from someone with lived experience, and seeing what they have achieved can be so empowering for the kids I know. Do you think it can help you too? For more on lived experience, check out Podcast Episode 115....

SLP 134: Give the Gift of Understanding this Holiday Season - Ideas & Tips

Nov 22 • 28:59

This podcast is all about celebrating diversity this holiday season, as well as providing heaps of tips for end of year activities (including concerts, big gatherings, etc.)....

SLP 133: Strategies for Support Workers - Sue Larkey and Anna Tullemans

Nov 15 • 43:36

This free E-Book is full of tip sheets and ideas to assist support workers in looking after adults on the autism spectrum....

SLP 132: Understanding Challenging Behaviour ODD and PDA

Nov 7 • 33:03

In this podcast, I cover some important aspects to remember with kids with ODD and PDA....

SLP 131: Free Webinar Replay – Everything you Need to Know about Transition

Nov 1 • 01:08:04

Did you make it to my free webinar on Wednesday?? If you missed out, it’s not too late – you can still sign up to watch the replay (available until Wednesday 3rd November 2021)!...

EP 130 Cheat Sheets for Transition – How to Use Sue Larkey’s Cheat Sheets

Oct 25 • 23:10

It’s starting to get to the end of 2021, and you might already be starting to think about how you will ease the transition for the children you know. Or if you are just coming out of learning from home and moving to in-person teaching, these transition tips will help reduce anxiety and stress!...

SLP 129: How to Address your Biggest Challenge – 3 Steps to Success

Oct 12 • 30:00

Note this is a replay of Episode 85 with some new comments from me at the beginning of the podcast....

SLP 128: Depressive Meltdowns - What they are and What to do

Oct 4 • 42:44

Trigger Warning: This Podcast and Blog covers content on depression and may be sensitive to some listeners/readers...

SLP 127: Using Games to Teach – Part 2: Social Skills, Emotional Regulation and More

Sep 20 • 28:11
Discussed in this episode

Part 2 of Using Games to Teach – check out Part 1 here. Games are great for teaching kids social skills, including winning & losing, turn-taking, sharing, and much more. What this podcast contains: ✅ “Emotional Literacy” explained ✅ Why talking about your own emotions is important ✅ Sue reads an excerpt from the book, The Red Beast (check out my p...

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