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SUCCESS Podcasts are shows for goal-oriented achievers. Hear from our Editorial Board about how they've achieved great heights and what they're doing to continue to climb.

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SUCCESS Stories: Overcoming Obstacles with Christine Ha

Nov 30 • 44:13

Christine Ha has faced great challenges, going blind in her 20's. She triumphed in spite of this, winning the third season of MasterChef. She talks with Madison about the details of her journey, gives advice on how to be a good friend to someone going through similar trouble and describes some of her favorite moments of her MasterChef experience....

rich and REGULAR: Things We Regret NOT Buying

Nov 29 • 30:56

People always talk about buyers remorse, but what about the other side of that coin? In this episode, Julien and Kiersten Saunders (@richandregular) run down the list of things they regret NOT buying and if there’s a way to recognize when you’re being CHEAP (vs. frugal) in the moment or if hindsight is truly 20/20 when it comes to financial regrets....

Brilliant Thoughts: The Path to Million Dollar Listing with Tyler Whitman

Nov 26 • 49:35

The SUCCESS Line: Finding Your Micro-Niche with Jake

Nov 24 • 44:41

SUCCESS Stories: Managing your Money and Finding your Worth with Lisa Gilmore

Nov 23 • 52:28

rich and REGULAR: Unpacking Success Guilt

Nov 22 • 30:05

In the spirit of awkward Thanksgiving conversations, this week’s episode is all about Success Guilt. In this episode, Julien and Kiersten Saunders (@richandregular) break down why some people feel less inclined to share when things are going well, and what impact that has on others. If you’ve ever felt that ping of regret immediately after sharing a financial win, this epi...

Brilliant Thoughts: Common Traits of Successful Entrepreneurs with Barbara Corcoran

Nov 19 • 43:00

The SUCCESS Line: Rules for your Calendar with Rick

Nov 17 • 45:24

SUCCESS Stories: Finding Confidence through Skincare with Maegan Griffin

Nov 16 • 37:27

We can unlock improvement from any number of places in our lives. One of many paths to gaining confidence can come from leveling up your look. Madison Pieper talks with Skin Pharm founder Maegan Griffin about the work she does helping her patients become their best selves. Maegan also gives her perspective on running a female-founded business....

rich and REGULAR: Let’s End the Debt Shame Game

Nov 15 • 38:44

If you were to survey 1000 people to identify a feeling they associate with their debt, most of them would say “shame”.  While shame can be a productive tool for some, it doesn’t work for everyone. In this episode, Julien and Kiersten Saunders (@richandregular) are talking about the relationship between shame and debt and how using shame as a motivator can actually work ag...

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