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How to Create an Online Course, a Membership Site, Create Digital Content, Promote and Sell it online with Digital Marketing, Make Money Online and create a profitable online business. Create One-time products and Recurring Subscription-based products and services that bring in recurring incomeRead more

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Part 2: Takeaways From My Book Launch: The Offer - 111

Nov 11 • 27:59

The reason why I had the biggest book launch of my life, was because it was all about The Offer....

Part 1: Takeaways From My Book Launch: Launch On Your Website, Not On Amazon - 110

Oct 22 • 20:50

I recently launched my 8th book, titled Dogpoo & Dosaa: 67 Proven & Implementable Truths, Tactics & Hacks To Create Better Content, Promote Your Products, Grow Your Audience and Make More Sales....

Sell First, Create Later - 109

Sep 13 • 23:05

I frequently encounter entrepreneurs and digital creators online who spend a lot of time creating an elaborate online course, spend months, even a year or more creating a course or an entire digital library, working on the content, setting up the membership site, hiring a copywriter to write the copy for the sales page, lining up affiliate partners to help them with the pr...

No Such Thing As Too Long, Only Too Boring - 108

Jun 28 • 17:49

I've had a lot of people ask me, or ask online in various groups and forums, the following questions:...

I Came Home and the Dog Was Bald - 107

Jun 16 • 12:47

Attention surplus, attention deficit, Seth Godin, Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP), Pattern Interrupt, Roy H. Williams (Wizard of Ads), and a lot more in today's episode....

Put Your Pen Down, Script It And Rehearse It - 106

Jun 8 • 20:15

"Sounding Natural" comes with Practice....

Podcasting with WordPress: The Do's and Don'ts of Creating and Hosting Your Podcast Feed and Audio - 105

Apr 10 • 33:33

What does it mean to host your podcast on WordPress?...

Part 3: 25 Video Tips For Video Course Creators and Premium Content Creators - 104

Jan 23 • 24:11

Streaming vs. Progressive Download Videos and Audio, why you should NOT host video and audio on your own website, using a CDN, to allow or not to allow downloads, focusing on the 99%, evergreen content, and Moving personalized dynamic watermarks...

Part 2: 25 Video Course Creation Tips For Online Course Creators and Membership Site Owners - 103

Dec 10 • 23:35

Jump Cut Joy: Ditch The Teleprompter, Talking-Head Videos, Addressing your audience 1-on-1, Scripting, Recording in Short Segments and more....

25 Video Course Creation Tips For Online Course and Digital Creators - Part 1 - 102

Nov 23 • 23:09

You probably have a membership site or online course, or maybe you want to start one. Either way, you're going to probably have a bunch of Video, Audio and PDF's in your online course....

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