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Subliminal Deception: A Conspiracy Theory Podcast

Society-and-culture • History • Comedy

Cody and Phil dive into the world of conspiracy theories in search of the truth or at least good laugh.

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Ep 135: Holy Christian Relics and their Magical Powers.

Dec 3 • 01:11:22

In the latest Episode of The Subliminal Deception Podcast, Cody and Phil discuss some of the most famous examples of Holy Christian Relics, where they came from, and some of the magical powers that are associated with the items. Relics in todays episode include the many pieces of the True Cross, the Veil of Saint Veronica, The Spear of Destiny, also including, a supposed l...

Special Episode: Thanksgiving Banter Episode

Nov 26 • 01:11:58

Ep 134: The Resurrection Of Jesus Christ

Nov 19 • 01:12:18

Ep 133: Albert Einstein‘s Alleged 1947 Roswell Visit

Nov 12 • 01:13:58

In this week's Episode of The Subliminal Deception Podcast, Cody and Phil Discuss the little known story, told by the alleged former assistant of Dr. Albert Einstein, Dr. Shirley Wright, about their visit to American Military Bases in the Southwest, to visit a damaged flying saucer, and the lone surviving pilot, in her 1993 interview with MUFON Investigator Sheila Franklin....

Ep 132: The Aurora Incident of 1897

Nov 5 • 01:04:10

Ep 131: The Circus Fire of 1944 in Hartford, Connecticut

Oct 29 • 01:08:06

In this Week's Episode of The Subliminal Deception Podcast, Cody and Phil discuss the tragic event on June 6th, 1944, When the Big Top of the Circus that had come to town in Hartford, Connecticut had caught fire, leading to mass speculation on what sparked the blaze, and also, tell the story of the man whom many believe may have struck the match that killed and injured soo...

Ep 130: The Sinking Of The SS Edmund Fitzgerald

Oct 22 • 01:17:41

Ep 129: The Benoit Family‘s Tragic End.

Oct 15 • 01:20:47

Ep 128: The Death Of Brittany Murphy

Oct 8 • 01:20:31

Ep 127: Napoleon; And His Escape From Elba Island

Oct 1 • 01:12:31

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