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The U.S is the only country in the world that allows minors to be sentenced to life in prison without the possibility of parole. Approximately 2,500 juveniles have been effectively sentenced to die in prison—considered “irredeemable” by the state for crimes committed when they were just teenagers.Read more

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The History of Reggaeton

Aug 9 • 39:16

This is the true story of the young people from Jamaica, Panama, Puerto Rico and beyond who beat the odds, refused to be quiet and created an irresistible musical culture that has kept the world dancing. Join Ivy Queen, one of the founders of the genre, for an incredible musical story about sex, race, drugs, censorship, and of course, perreo. First: stop Panama. LOUD: The ...

'Hot Trash' From Ear Hustle

May 10 • 50:45

It’s been a few months since we dropped the last episode of Suave, Season 1 on your feed. Recently our team heard a podcast episode from our friends at Ear Hustle, from PRX's Radiotopia, that made us think about some of the conversations we had with Suave about the importance of visits in prison. And we wanted to share that with you. Today we’re featuring that episode, cal...

7. The Reckoning

Mar 16 • 29:31

“There's no winners in this. You’re a victim so you victimize other people because you’re hurt. It's a circle and it goes on and on.”...

6. The Corner

Mar 9 • 35:29

“That little place right here changed my whole life. December 6, 1986. 15 seconds. 15 seconds changed my whole life.”...

5. The Doubts

Mar 2 • 36:00

“Doesn’t matter if you doing good, if you got a job, it doesn't matter—it could be snatched up in a heartbeat and there's nothing you could do about it.”...

4. The Release

Feb 23 • 43:01

“I never dreamed that it would be this good. Even the worst day that I have is good. I'm going up… and I know everything that goes up must come down.”...

3. The Old Head

Feb 16 • 30:42

“We had a secret, unspoken bond. We’re all dying in here. And I felt like I was breaking that bond. I feel like I'm leaving my brothers behind.”...

2. The Hustle

Feb 9 • 38:43

“I was fascinated with the lifestyle. I was fascinated with prison flicks. That's how you get the street credibility. You know, I'm gonna be the baddest dude on the block.”...

1. The Sentence

Feb 9 • 33:28

“The very last word she said was ‘You can become a voice for the voiceless.’ And I was just like, ‘Damn, why am I letting this lady mess up my high?’”...

Trailer: Suave

Feb 2 • 03:25

Introducing "Suave," a podcast about juveniles sentenced to die in prison told through one man's journey....

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