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A public radio series about sound, music, and listening. From WBUR, Boston's NPR News Station.

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S1E4: The Sound of Science Fiction

Dec 17 • 59:00
How do we imagine the music of other worlds? "The Sound of Science Fiction" includes the voices of Gregory Whitehead, Keith Phipps, Joanna Demers, Hank Schocklee, Ytasha Womack, John Szwed, Douglas Brode, Gabriel McKee, Lee Tizzard, Ellen Kranzer, Sally Childs-Helton, Matthew Ebel, Lydia Kavina, Albert Glinsky, Jon Bernhardt, Dalit Warshaw, and April McLucas. Produced by A...

S1E3: Songs of the Earth

Dec 17 • 59:00
What sounds and signals evoke our planet? "Songs of the Earth" includes the voices of Bernie Krause, R. Murray Schafer, Pauline Oliveros, Douglas Kahn, Lotte Geeven, Phil Erickson, Bert Polches, Carol Dana, Ernst Karel, Helen Mirra, Cathy Wilson, Alison Guinness, John Ebel, Benjamin Zander, Jane Struss, and Thomas Peattie. The montage at the top of the hour comes from NASA...

S1E2: Seeing and Illustrating Music

Dec 17 • 59:00
Where does the ear meet the eye? “Seeing and Illustrating Music” includes the voices of Cretien van Campen, Ben Street, Sherry Turner DeCarava, Chia-Jung Tsay, Richard Brody, Christian Wolff, Ryan Vigil, Robert Simpson, Jonathan Sterne, Carlene Stevens, Patrick Feaster, Karen Topp, Eric Wahlforss, Nicholson Baker, Berthold Hoeckner, Petr Janata. Produced by Zack Ezor, Cono...

S1E1: Silence

Dec 16 • 59:00
Is there such a thing as true silence? “Silence” includes the voices of Pico Iyer, Kay Larson, Christopher Ricks, James Johnson, Damian Carr, Steven Cooper, Bob Celmer, Cecil McBee, and Geoffrey Shugen Arnold. It also includes Brian Calvert’s piece “The Rest is Silence,” which was originally made for KCRW’s Independent Producer Project. Produced by Zack Ezor, Conor Gillies...

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