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Welcome to the family! Vicky B and Sammy Z are two cousins creating a space for women to laugh, grow and stumble through their twenties together. This community is all about embracing your inner weirdo while manifesting the boss ass babe you know you are. So, grab a drink and get ready for lots ofRead more

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Sammy Z is finally living her dream!!!

Jul 8 • 36:13

Sammy Z has a HUGE life update for our season finale episode and she spills all the tea! And it's the moment Vicky B has been waiting for all year-it's the reason she built her summer capsule wardrobe in the first place... That's right, she's on her way to PEI right now.

Thank you for downloading, subscribing, leaving reviews and listening to our podcast this season! We lov...

You'll die of laughter listening to these Haribo reviews

Jul 1 • 33:00

Find confidence in your body this summer with Ashley Nell Tipton

Jun 24 • 46:31

After winning Project Runway, Ashley realized she wasn't the confident person she was pretending to be. Although she had everything she ever wanted, she was still depressed.  Over the last five years, she's been working on self-love, self-acceptance and self-care. Now her confidence comes from within instead of the clothes she wears. 

In this episode, Ashley has a super vul...

Exploring your sexuality in your twenties

Jun 10 • 51:25

Sal was raised Mormon, she married a man at 20 and had three kids. After leaving her faith, she realized she was gay! Now she's living her truth with her partner Lena and their 7 kids. 🌈

In this episode, she shares her journey and advice for twenty-somethings who are questioning their sexuality.

We are in awe of her story and left questioning our sexuality as well!

Thank yo...

HOT TAKES: from Crocs to Nickelback

May 13 • 25:57

Capsule wardrobe vs. hot trends: who will you be this summer?

May 6 • 42:34

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