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Join Holly and Tracy as they bring you the greatest and strangest Stuff You Missed In History Class in this podcast by iHeartRadio.
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Best Episodes

Bram Stoker

Oct 19, 2020

"Bram Stoker was a shitty husband"



Dracula is an iconic character, and the man who created him has become almost as much of a source of fascination for many as his famous vampire.. But even Bram Stoker's own life story - at least as he told it - may have some fictional elements. Learn more about your ad-choices atRead more

The Demon Core and Other Criticality Accidents

Oct 12, 2020

" Nuclear power is so compelling as an alternative energy source but it’s so dangerous!"



The Demon Core was a sphere of plutonium-gallium alloy that the U.S. made for use in an atomic bomb during World War II. After the war, researchers at Los Alamos National Laboratory had two separate, fatal criticality accidents while working with it.  Learn more about your ad-choices atRead more

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SYMHC Classics: The History of Halloween Candy

Oct 31, 2020

"When did trick or treating start?"


Happy Halloween! To celebrate, we're revisiting a 2014 episode. Candy and Halloween go hand-in-hand, but when did candy become the standard for trick-or-treating, and who invented the holiday's most famous sweet treats like candy corn?  Learn more about your ad-choices atRead more

A Brief and Yummy History of Waffles

Dec 9, 2020

" 16th century wafflemania!!!"



Waffles are popular and commonplace on tables and as street food around the world, but they’ve evolved a lot over time to become the syrup vehicle most of us think of them as.  Learn more about your ad-choices at

SYMHC Classics: Belle Gunness

Oct 24, 2020

"BME: big murder energy "


We're revisiting a 2011 episode today. In 1908, a fire leveled the Indiana home of Belle Gunness. Four bodies were found in the cellar, and it seemed possible that Gunnes might have escaped. When about a dozen more bodies were found, Gunness was revealed as a serial killer. Learn more about yourRead more


Dec 30, 2020

"Scurvy was a huge problem"

Scurvy is a deficiency in vitamin C, or ascorbic acid, and its story goes way back in history – all the way to our evolutionary ancestors living more than 60 million years ago.  Learn more about your ad-choices at

SYMHC Classics: Why would you put a cadaver on trial?

Oct 17, 2020

"Asking the tough questions: why would anyone disinter a body to put it on trial"

In this 2011 episode, prior hosts Sarah and Deblina cover Pope Stephen VI having his deceased predecessor Formosus exhumed and put on trial in 897. The corpse was found guilty, but this desecration disgusted Romans and made them rebel. Learn more about your ad-choices atRead more
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