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One lifetime is too short to visit everywhere and meet everyone. That's why we love books with a strong sense of place — they let us travel the world in our imagination. In each episode of our podcast, we explore one destination and talk about what makes that place different from everywhere else onRead more

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Ep 31 — The Forest: Meet a Witch, Climb a Tree

Nov 29 • 53:50

For longer than memory, those deep, dark forests have been a symbolic, powerful setting for stories. The wildwoods of fairy tales are where we meet Hansel and Gretel, Little Red Riding Hood, Snow White, and Rumpelstiltskin. The Hundred Acre Wood is where we find Winnie the Pooh and his darling friends. J.R.R. Tolkein introduced generations of readers to the Ents in the woo...

Ep 30 — Egypt: Ancient Antiquities, Fiery Djinn, and the Lure of the Nile

Nov 8 • 59:03

Egypt was one of the world's first civilizations, with a history that reaches back 5000 years through the sands of time. It's where writing and two-dimensional drawing and paper began. The god Amun-Ra personified the sun shining down on the deserts — and Osiris, the god of death, inspired a belief in the afterlife that led to the construction of the pyramids....

Ep 29 — Afghanistan: Poppies, Tribalism, and the Taliban

Oct 25 • 58:13

Located in Central Asia with Iran to the west and Pakistan to the east, Afghanistan sits at the crossroads of Asia and the Middle East. That's made it a hot spot for invaders from all directions for millennia. ...

Ep 28 — Arctic: Otherwordly Beauty That Might Kill You

Sep 27 • 01:00:16

The Arctic is the northernmost region on Earth. It includes the Arctic Ocean and northern parts of Russia, the state of Alaska, Canada, Greenland, and the northern tips of Norway, Sweden, and Finland....

Ep 27 — Newsroom: From Clacking Typewriters to Viral Video

Sep 7 • 59:46

The word newsroom can conjure images of jaded reporters tapping away at typewriters and harried producers coddling the on-air talent just before showtime. But here in the 21st century, the newsroom is everywhere with citizen journalists and their pesky, ubiquitous mobiles....

Ep 26 — Costa Rica: Cloud Forests, Coffee, and Capuchin Monkeys

Aug 16 • 55:52

Located in Central America — and with coasts on both the Pacific and the Caribbean — Costa Rica just might be the quintessential tropical country. It packs a lot of awesome inside its borders with white-sand beaches, verdant rain forests, active volcanoes, and all the cutest (and most colorful and rarest) animals. Plus, the friendly locals — known as Ticos and Ticas — are ...

SSoP Podcast Mini-Episode — Dave's Emergency Surgery

Jul 26 • 36:00

Astute listeners will by now have noticed that our podcast cast has been MIA since May. In this special episode, we tell you why....

SSoP Podcast Mini-Episode — What happened to Season 3?

Jul 26 • 03:40

Ep 25 — Hollywood: Gumption, Glamour, Heartbreak, and Hubris

May 10 • 01:01:30

Hollywood is a land of sunshine dreams, glamorous red carpets, and the magic that happens when a great story lands in the right creative hands. It's also a place where brutal business decisions make and break careers — and where the bottom line can supersede artistic decisions.

In this episode, we take a dip into Hollywood history, discuss the times the Oscars ceremony went...

Our 2021 'Ask Us Anything' Episode

Apr 12 • 46:25

In our recent survey, we invited our audience to ask us anything, and we got 153 excellent questions in response. The queries ran the gamut from 'what's the best thing about living in Prague?' to 'how did you meet?' and 'how do you choose the books for the show?'...

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