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Refinery 29's award-winning podcast is back for season 4! In this five-part capsule collection, host Elisa Kreisinger dives into the world of the professional female athlete to explore how they've survived and thrived in a sports-loving country that doesn't alway love them back. Did you know thatRead more

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S4E5: The Problem With Perfect

Dec 22 • 31:08

Ballet, figure skating and gymnastics are sports with some of the most vigorous physical and psychological training regimes and yet they’re often dismissed because the star athletes are young women in leotards with big smiles and sparkles, striving for perfection. What does our lack of respect for these athletes say about how our culture treats young women? To get some ans...

S4E4: WTF Is A "Good Sport"?

Dec 22 • 22:03

There was one event this year in particular that put the topic of what it means to be a "good sport" into the cultural conversation: the women's singles final at the US Open between Serena Williams and Naomi Osaka. The match put the question of women’s anger and specifically, black women’s anger, on the national stage. I talk to Louisa Thomas, New Yorker sports contributor...

S4E2: The State of Pay - Part 1

Dec 22 • 29:14

Despite bringing in more money and winning more games (including four Olympics and 3 World Cups), the U.S. women's national soccer team was paid nearly four times less than the men’s team. But two years ago, the team made headlines when they started a very public fight for equal pay. Since then, they’ve emerged as a role model and a valuable resource for other women’s team...

S4E3: State of Pay - Part 2

Dec 22 • 17:42

Here's my conversation with soccer legend Abby Wambach on how the US Women's National Soccer Team became fair-pay role models and the unique terror female athletes face when they retire. ...

S4E1: Future of the Fan

Dec 22 • 26:16

College football has everything: devoted female fans, camaraderie and game day rituals. But the players aren’t paid, the coaches make millions and there’s a pattern of disregard for sexual assault allegations. Why do young women gravitate to college football and what feelings are they negotiating in order to stay fans? I talk to Burn It All Down co-host and investigative r...

S3E5: Mind Behind The Meme: Quinta Brunson

Mar 30 • 26:06

Quinta Brunson became obsessed with comedy as an undergrad at Temple University. She initially felt like the internet wasn't for her until her friend uploaded what would be Instagram's first viral video, "Butt Won't Clap". From there, she went on to BuzzFeed to make memes on a large scale. Quinta tells us what it's like when your face is a meme- and how she's crafting a ca...

S3E4: The Great Firewall of China

Mar 30 • 18:30

Memes in China are silly, they're based on puns, and they're driving the government crazy. Chinese memes are flourishing under the country's censored internet and, despite the risks, memes are used to communicate political dissent. Harvard researcher and technologist An Xiao Mina explains how the more censored the internet is, the more important the meme, and how the inter...

S3E3: Minds Behind The Meme: Woke Charlotte

Mar 30 • 20:07

Chelsea Fairless and Lauren Garroni run the very popular Every Outfit on Sex and the City Instagram account. But after rewatching SATC for the clothes, they realized how the show focused mainly on the stories of privileged white women. So they created Woke Charlotte - a meme within a meme account that allows Charlotte to call out the problematic moments in the iconic show....

S3E2: Peaches On Fleek

Mar 30 • 20:28

Peaches, a young woman of color, uploads a video of herself to Vine. She's impressed with her eyebrows. They're on fleek. The Vine goes viral. Everyone from Ariana Grande to Kim K starts using the word. IHOP uses it to sell pancakes. Denny’s uses it to sell hash browns. Peaches doesn’t make a cent. She doesn't hear from beauty companies. In an era of influencers, Peaches h...

S3E1: Digital Black Face

Mar 30 • 22:33

Even though Tiffany Pollard's appearance on VH1's Rock Of Love was 12 years ago, GIFs of her grandiose reactions are still used to respond to everything from an email about the broken copy machine at work to a group text about bad Tinder dates. GIFs that feature the reactions of black women from reality TV shows seem to be especially popular with white and non-black users....

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