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The boys from Magic Men Live bare it all! With almost a decade of touring, performing, catering to and interacting with literally 100's of thousands of women, it's safe to say that these boys have been AROUND THE BLOCK (and have had their ways.) Now they’re spilling the beans on ALL THE GAMES, howRead more

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SDP 72 | Send 'Em To The STREETS!

Nov 22 • 53:48

Are They For the SHEETS or Are They For the STREETS? THAT is the question... Rome gives us his take on some of the most shakaterous questions asked during our live Instagram Q&A's and he does not disappoint.

► Bonus Episode: SDP 72+ | Slick Ways To Catch Em Being Shakaterous (ONLY USE IF THEY'RE BEING SUSPICIOUS) ...

SDP 71 | Sex Tips from a Sex Therapist (How to Have Better Sex & More!) Ft. Dr. Kate Balestrieri

Nov 8 • 01:23:36

Let's talk about SEX! And who better to talk about it with than a well-accomplished sex therapist? This week I had to privilege to have an amazing conversation with the incredible Dr. Kate Balestrieri, a Licensed Psychologist, Certified Sex Therapist and the founder of She joins us this week to give us the keys to success when it comes SEX & INTIMACY!


SDP 70 | Hacking the "FRIEND-ZONE" & Signs of a FAKE Friend

Oct 25 • 50:54
This one's for EVERYBODY! Are they a REAL friend or do they want something more? Are you being used just for attention or as an emotional band-aid? Everyone has an opinion about "the Friend-Zone" so we're going to give you ours. We're going to breakdown the BENEFITS of being in the "Friend-zone" as well as when it's BAD to be in the Friend-zone. Then finally we're going br...

SDP 69 | Emotional Band-Aid - Is It Real or Are You Being Used?

Oct 11 • 41:46

Avoiding heartbreak and disappointment by recognizing when someone is attempting to use you as an emotional band-aid and when YOU may be using someone else as an emotional band-aid. We share personal stories of times we've been used as emotional band-aids and also times we've pursued relationships not realizing that we ourselves were entering the relationship to fulfill so...

SDP 68 | "I Don't Chase. I Attract." - How to Apply This to Dating & Make it ACTUALLY WORK.

Sep 27 • 01:04:16

We KNOW you're just as sick of dating as everyone else. You're wondering why you have such terrible luck, why you keep attracting the wrong people, why you can't attract the right people and YOU'RE FED UP. Or you may have just gotten out of a long term relationship and you don't even have any idea where to start!  Well we have GOOD NEWS. We're going to break down the menta...

SDP 67 | Understanding Your Sexual Energy to Enhance Your Relationships (ft. Lawrence Lanoff)

Sep 13 • 01:52:16

Today we had the pleasure of sitting down with Award Winning Tantric Master, Clarity Coach and Best-Selling Author, Lawrence Lanoff!  Lawrence questions cultural stigmas and myths about sex, spirituality and money while helping his students break free of the prisons of societal beliefs, norms, and superstitions. He offers body-positive, reality-based wisdom that helps peop...

SDP 66 | How Long Should You Make Him Wait, Dealing with Manipulators & Why Initiating Is A GAME CHANGER

Aug 30 • 54:54

Does waiting to hook up ACTUALLY matter if the person is right for you? What is the HONEST truth about how guys think about it? How do you spot and deal with a manipulator? And why initiating first with guys is a game changer!...

SDP 65 | "It's Not You, It's Me." - What it REALLY Means

Aug 16 • 02:13:34

The TRUTH of How This Line Is Used, What It Really Means & How Distance Lead to Rome's Marriage....

SDP 64 | The Rules of F.W.B's! (ft. Lacey Claire)

Aug 2 • 01:00:40

Y'ALL BEEN HAVING MESSY FRIENDS WITH BENEFIT RELATIONSHIPS FOR TOO LONG! Lacey Claire shares advice on having a healthy and non-toxic friends with benefits relationship. She gives the do's and don'ts, what to look for in a guy for a non-toxic FWB, how to foster that type of relationship....

SDP 63 | Signs That You're Dating an IMPOSTER!

Jul 26 • 56:20

In dating, when an someone see's something they want bad, they will go to GREAT LENGTHS to get it. They will change almost anything about themselves to make you think that they are the perfect fit for you, only for you to find out later that it was all a LIE and they being to push their true self on you and try to get you to accept it. ...

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