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Welcome to the Strictly Anonymous Podcast where you get to listen in to the secret lives of total strangers. I talk to real people about their interesting, secret lives as well as talk to real people with real problems and I give them my unprofessional advice. If you have a secret, interesting lifeRead more

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442 - Jessie and her Husband Both Came Out as Bisexual to Each Other

Jan 17 • 01:04:38

Jessie and her husband both recently copped to being bisexual to each other and she called in to talk all about it. Who told who first? how did they react when they found out? And, have they had a bisexual experience since? Tune in for all the details which include how growing up super religious suppressed their sexual desires and how and why they decided to reinvent thems...

441 - Where Are They Now? Escorts, Threesomes, Foursomes an Engagement, Pee Play and More...Updates from Past Guests

Jan 13 • 01:47:49

Where are they now?? Molly (episode #336), Leo (episode #394), Dr. Guy and Viktoria (episodes #392 & #393) and Angel (#399) all call in with juicy updates. Molly the escort is still escorting nd currently dating and she calls in to talk all about it, Does her new boyfriend know she's escorting, was he a former client? and does her booty call guy know she's dating now? Tune...

440 - Katie is Sleeping with a Married Man and his Wife

Jan 10 • 01:22:10

Katie is sleeping a married man and his wife and she calls in to talk all about it. How did she meet him? How did she find out he was married? And how did she wind up sleeping with both him and his wife? Tune in for the details which include how and where they had s-e-x their very first date, how she felt when she found out he was married, him and his wife's rules for play...

439 - Damien and Rachel Are Orthodox Jews who are Now in the Lifestyle

Jan 6 • 01:15:40

Damien and Rachel are Orthodox Jews who recently opened up their marriage and have tried everything and they call in to talk all about it. When and why did they open up their marriage? What kinds of things have they’ve been down for? And, how has it all effected their marriage? Tune in to find out plus hear all about which apps they used to find singles and couples, how Ra...

438 - Chris has been a White Bull for Couples for Many Years

Jan 3 • 01:16:22

Chris has been a white bull for many years and he calls in to talk all about it. How did he become a bull? How long has he been one? And, where does he meet the couples he plays with and what exactly does he do with them? Tune in to hear all the details which include how he accidentally wound up meeting the first couple he hooked up with and what he did with them, how he e...

437 - Sam Caught his Wife Cheating and He Was Turned On PLUS 2021 Guests Update

Dec 30 • 56:45

Sam caught his wife cheating and he was turned on and he called in to talk all about it. How did he catch her cheating? Who was she cheating on him with? And, why did it turn him on? Tune in for all the details which include his cuckold fantasy and why she was previously opposed to it, the evidence he found and how it turned him on, how he confronted her and how she reacte...

436 - Mark F***** his Stepmom

Dec 27 • 01:17:44

Mark calls in to give all the details about how he wound up having sex with his stepmom when he was still a teenager. How old was he when she became his stepmom? How old was he when he had sex with her?  How did they won up having sex? What exactly did they do? Was it a one time thing or did they "do it" some more? Did his father ever find out? Did he feel bad? Tune in to ...

435 - Cain's Girlfriend's Fantasy Was to Kidnap and "Rape" Him

Dec 23 • 01:17:14

Cain calls in to talk all about his ex girlfriend's kinky fantasy which involved encasement, bdsm, kidnapping, burglary, (fake) guns, "rape" and a whole lot more. How many times did he act out this fantasy with his ex girlfriend? How hardcore did the role play get? What kind of s-e-x did they have while they were involved in the fantasy? Tune in for all the kinky details a...

434 - Merry Sparkletit's Stories Cuckquean and BDSM Stories

Dec 20 • 01:14:07

Merry Sparkeltit's (episode #432) calls in again, this time to share some of her most memorable experiences. Tune in to hear her talk all about the very first experiences she had that made her realize she was into being a cuckquean, the first time she hooked up with a girl, the time she and another girl hooked up in a car in front of others, how her abusive relationship an...

433 - Vinny Was Banging Two Strippers in Vegas

Dec 16 • 58:24

Vinny moved to Vegas and then quickly met and started sleeping with two strippers at the same time and he called in to talk all about it. When did he move to Vegas? How did he meet the two strippers? How did he hook up wiht the both of them? Tune in for all the details which include how she became friends and then roommates with the first stripper, how she seduced him in t...

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