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Street Politicians


Street Politicians is the dynamic, new video-taped podcast featuring activists Tamika D. Mallory and Mysonne, the General. Their show takes an uninhibited look at the social and civil rights issues, pop-culture and politics. Together, they underscore the importance of social activism, awareness,Read more

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Is monogamy dead? “Finding love in the 21st century “ Part 1

Dec 1 • 02:05:46

As our street politicians are on the road fighting for justice and equality for our people, don't think they don't have personal discussions with each other and their team, with one being about relationships. So for this week Tamika and Mysonne decided to bring their road conversation to the podcast and discuss different dynamic relationships and dating in today’s world wi...

Right Complexion for the Protection

Nov 25 • 01:07:48

Happy Holidays! This week Tamika and Mysonne give their thoughts on the Ahmaud Arbery murder trial as they awaited to hear the final verdict. Moreover, they were also joined by Attorney Angelo Pinto and Linda Sarsour and discussed the recent "grab and dash" crimes happening in several designer brand companies such as Louis Vuitton and what the charges should be. They also ...

Working Yourself to Death, Literally

Nov 17 • 01:33:42

This week our Street Politicians Tamika and Mysonne are back to give their thoughts and knowledge on several different topics, with first speaking on the absurdity happening with the Kyle Rittenhouse trial, which is starting to look more like the classic saying he has "the complexion for protection." Moreover, with all the chaos and confusion this world can bring, its only...

Get To Know Topeka K. Sams

Nov 12 • 23:07

In this clip Tamika and Mysonne speak with Topeka K. Sams the founder and executive of "The Ladies of Hope Ministries" who spoke about her background story being in federal prison where she witnessed firsthand the epidemic and disparity of incarceration on women, and afterwards wanting to bring awareness to women’s incarceration and post-incarceration issues in order to ch...

Mysonne Doesn't Get It- Howard University

Nov 5 • 12:46

The Toll of Incarceration

Nov 3 • 01:43:14

This week Tamika and Mysonne join together once again to speak on serious events with important people working to make a difference. However, they first started off discussing the difficulties woman have when it comes to dating in this new social climate, and if you are looking for advice on dating there is one person that Tamika and Mysonne are definitely not recommending...

Where is the Action ( Congressman Jamaal Bowman)

Oct 29 • 10:14

State of the Nation

Oct 27 • 01:22:43

First things first, lets give a big congrats to Tamika for officially being a member of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority this past weekend. Moreover, they were joined by congressman Jamaal Bowman who spoke about his frustrations towards the process of building coalition, and what we need to do as the people to build power in the senate and congress. Lastly, for Mysonne's "I Don'...

Cancer Awareness In Our Community.

Oct 20 • 01:28:39

This week Tamika and Mysonne join together once again to spread awareness to their listeners. Moreover, before speaking to their guest they get into debatable conversation about people taking the covid vaccine surrounding his controversial decision of not taking the vaccine. In addition, because it is breast cancer awareness month, they had some special guest join in the d...

Tamika's "Thought of the Day" Where Are Our Voting Rights?

Oct 15 • 09:57

 In this clip Tamika ask a very important question to democrats, which is how do they attend to win the mid elections without voting rights?? Tamika and Mysonne impact this question with giving examples on how the people voting rights are being suppressed, not having accurate information on different administrations and more....

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