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Strangers in China


Strangers in China features voices from the edges of an emergent new China. We talk to people with unique perspectives on Chinese society: dissident voices, queer voices, marginalized voices. Some belong to those who push boundaries creatively, while others are just fighting to be seen. All areRead more

Popular episodes

The Flower World

Jun 25 • 37:42

Xiao Xiao runs a vintage shop in Shanghai. But it’s her particular sensibility and artistry that turned the place into something really beautiful. She certainly cares about making money and success, but the Flower World has something that is really lacking in trendy neighborhoods around Shanghai — it has a soul. There are so many places around the city that reflect the bru...


Apr 30 • 01:11:20

From underground rap battles to prime-time television to a fall from grace, rap music and rap culture in China has come a long way. Beginning in the 1990s, the imported cassette tapes that made it through customs unscathed by officials went on to inspire a generation. This episode features commentary from our host, Clay, as well as rapper Bohan Phoenix and journalist Laure...


Mar 5 • 57:54

Clay leaves Shanghai for Beijing to speak with Huang Chenkuang, a journalist and creative who runs the interview series Beijing Lights (published on the website of the arts collective Spittoon). She shares excerpts from her writing, tells stories about her time growing up in rural China, and elaborates on some of the exceptional characters she’s profiled in the past. ...

The Siren song, part 2

Feb 19 • 01:05:55

In episode 2, Clay continues his dive into the personal stories of the people behind the ultimate frisbee scene in Shanghai. Another local team to rival the Sirens emerges, and the Shanghai Open tournament pushes the team to its competitive limits....

The Siren song, part 1

Feb 5 • 44:51

In the first episode of the second season of Strangers in China, host Clay Baldo explores the lives of the women of the Shanghai Sirens, China’s first women’s ultimate frisbee team. They need frisbee — they’re obsessed with it. The story of the team and its 2020 season, which was never really supposed to happen due to the pandemic, is one of self-discovery, adversity, pass...

[Trailer] The Siren song, S2E1

Feb 3 • 04:15

Season 2 Trailer: Strangers in China

Nov 2 • 02:35

What’s cooking in Taiwan

Jul 11 • 30:18

Have you missed Strangers in China? We have, too. Enjoy this bonus podcast, co-produced by Clay Baldo and Chris Hankin. More episodes will come in the fall. ...

Epilogue: In the wake of the plague

Apr 20 • 52:55

In a follow-up to the previous episode of Strangers in China — Chapter 8: The Plague — Clay reconnects with previous guests for an update on how COVID-19 is impacting their lives in China....

Chapter Nine: Mulan

Feb 28 • 57:09

In this final episode of season 1 of Strangers in China, we meet the remarkable Jessie: She studied her way out of abject poverty in rural Hubei while raising her younger siblings. She faced down thugs who were trying to collect debt from her deadbeat father. Then, she made it to Shanghai for college, only to be told she doesn't belong. Meanwhile, she created a rich inner ...

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