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Strange Familiars

Stories and interviews about the paranormal, cryptids, forgotten history, folklore, and more.

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Phantom Black Dogs

Nov 18 • 01:26:20

We welcome W.T. Watson to the show as we discuss his book, Phantom Black Dogs, black dog folklore, witness accounts, and more....

Haunted - part 2

Nov 11 • 01:31:16

We continue our discussion with Everett and hear about his experiences with ghosts, a UFO on the highway, a possible dogman sighting, and some kind of cryptid encounter....


Nov 4 • 01:29:57

First we talk to Charlie, the host of the podcast What Happened at Braley Pond which covers both paranormal and true crime events which happened at a campground in Virginia. Next, we hear the first part of our interview with Everett, who has had experiences with UFOs, grey, ghosts, and more. ...

Halloween Special with Monster Fuzz

Oct 31 • 02:14:56

Monster Fuzz and Strange Familiars join forces for a Halloween jam. After we discuss some favorite horror films and books, Halloween memories, and more, we present a story of an Irish wild man and stories of witches from both Ireland and Pennsylvania....

The Orb Walker

Oct 28 • 01:28:02

LeeAnn shares a story of a bigfoot creature witnessed by her son, Gabe, and some synchronicities surrounding the event. While fishing at 1:00 AM, Gabe and his friend saw a large creature with red glowing eyes, carrying an orb. Next, Chad meets Drayden in Michaux Forest at the site of his frightening daytime experience. ...

The Ghost of Peggy Larue - part 2

Oct 21 • 01:05:41

We continue our story of Peggy Larue, murdered by the boxer Sailor Kid Mack. At a lover’s lane, just outside of York, PA a drunken Kid Mack shoots his three companions before turning the revolver on himself. Though all present were shot, only Peggy Larue died. Within a year’s time, people passing by the place of Larue’s murder started hearing disembodied screams and moans....

The Ghost of Peggy Larue - part 1

Oct 14 • 51:48

Peggy Larue came to Pennsylvania in 1924 and took up residence at a house of ill repute in the river town of Columbia. On August 9 of that year, she and a boyfriend met boxer, Sailor Kid Mack, and his girlfriend, Lenora, in a restaurant in York, PA. A wild night of moonshine revelry ends at lover’s lane with a drunken Sailor Kid Mack brandishing his revolver. ...

Ghosts, Bigfoot, Poltergeists, and More

Oct 7 • 01:12:47

In the last installment of this edition of High Strangeness in Hellam, Dillon tells some stories from his past and then brings us back to Hellam for another entity sighting. Alison and Timothy present a ghost story from 1875 near Columbia, PA. Aspen relates a bigfoot sighting and a story of a smokey sleep time invader. Jon tells of a shoe-stealing poltergeist....

Monster Fuzz vs. Strange Familiars

Sep 30 • 01:48:56

For High Strangeness in Hellam, Dillon tells of a shadowy creature that flew by him and eventually hovered in the air above him - transforming into something that may sound familiar to our listeners. Next, Rob and Eamon from Monster Fuzz podcast stop by and tell stories of shadow people and a rather pleasant black dog....

The Curse of the Wolf-Thing

Sep 23 • 01:15:45

For our continuing High Strangeness in Hellam segment Dillon tells of a shadow being that transformed into an orb. Next, Seth shares his story of a glowing-eyed entity staring in his window, and another from a friend about a wolf creature which followed him home then appeared in his dreams. Finally, we welcome Joshua Cutchin as well as Adam and Serfiel from Conspirinormal ...

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