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StraightioLab is an intellectual podcast where smart comedians George Civeris and Sam Taggart unpack the rich, multi-colored tapestry of straight culture. In each episode, George and Sam are joined by a guest to hold a MIRROR to society and finally get to the BOTTOM of mysterious and perverseRead more

Popular episodes

"Bureaucracy" w/ Ruby McCollister

Dec 7 • 01:09:02

In an episode that is as groundbreaking as it is riddled with technical difficulties, LA theater community survivor Ruby McCollister joins the boys for some good, old-fashioned social theorizing. What is the one thing all men want? Is society "the ultimate boyfriend"? What does your favorite Gatorade flavor say about your gender identity? And finally, do you guys like Succ...

"Apples" w/ Brittany Carney

Nov 30 • 01:12:38

Today Sam and George welcome intellectual powerhouse and vomit artist witness Brittany Carney on to bring us a topic that is so simple on the outside, but so rich on the inside: Apples. What follows is a fever dream of galaxy brained leaps and connections that could kill you if you aren't in a mentally stable place. So, be warned, listen at your own risk, and DON'T come cr...

"Being Easygoing" w/ Jared Goldstein

Nov 23 • 01:09:54

This week everyone does psychoanalysis on one another, and we all walk away with some frightening insights. But what are they? Husky-voiced Broadway star Jared Goldstein joins Sam and George to talk about the impossibility of ordering a beer, the beauty of a 60% on Rotten Tomatoes, and the ever-expanding umbrella of LGBTQ (it now includes some straight people). Are you fee...

"Posting About Quitting Social Media" w/ Jamie Loftus

Nov 16 • 01:10:21

This week on the pod, George and Sam welcome Jamie Loftus on and aim destroy each other’s reputations by diving into the Taylor Swift discourse. The only thing able to break the gravitational pull of Taylor is the rich topic. Our take (spoiler alert) is that you should quit social media, but also you probably can’t and therefore shouldn't, but also books about how social m...

"The Cheesecake Factory" w/ Danielle Perez

Nov 9 • 01:14:23

Our illustrious guest Danielle Perez may have gone to high school with Meghan Markle, but that does NOT define her! Danielle joins the boys to talk all things chain restaurants — which ones are men, which ones are women, and which ones smash the binary? Plus: George comes clean about being sad, Sam dishes about his first celeb sighting, and Danielle makes a shocking pandem...

"The MCU" w/ Andrea Long Chu

Nov 2 • 01:37:11

Today on StraightioLab, Sam and George find themselves in new territory after hearing each other’s Saturday morning sexy hookup voices, challenging the professionalism of this now for-profit podcast. Plus Andrea Long Chu joins to explain the MCU, as well as an exciting new theory about how time makes lesbians of us all, and to tell the boys of the various micro aggressions...

"Camo" w/ Devon Walker

Oct 26 • 01:27:06

Blending in... but to what end?! Today Sam and George are joined by industry heavyweight Devon Walker to talk all things camo: Is the military problematic? Was Cadet Kelly complicit? What's the deal with hunting? Plus, an in-depth discussion of pay disparities in Hollywood, Whoopi Goldberg's dating history, and the OFFICIAL ranking of which famous comedians have the flatte...

"Cast Iron Skillet" w/ Brian Bahe

Oct 19 • 01:22:15

"Airports" w/ Charles Rogers

Oct 12 • 01:07:39

World traveler and recent Covid survivor Charles Rogers joins Sam and George to dish about what the Hell is going on in America's, as well as Italy's, airports. We cover the pitfalls of ageism, the impossibility of a gay President, and the semiotics of road signs, before taking aim at two communities we have heard just about enough from: expats and "third culture kids." Pu...

"Neil Patrick Harris" w/ Macy Rodman

Oct 5 • 01:07:49

On the first official episode of season 2, the boys bring Macy Rodman to the pod to explain the Joker-style origins of Neil Patrick Harris. Plus, there's a deep dive into what problematic characters were in the original Sex And The City scripts, some talk of exciting upcoming projects on NBC, and Sam and George stoop to a place they never thought they would and plug Macy's...

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