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Straight White American Jesus


An in-depth examination of the culture and politics of Christian Nationalism and Evangelicalism by two ex-evangelical ministers-turned-religion professors. If you have ever wondered what social and historical forces led white evangelicals to usher Donald Trump into the White House this is the showRead more

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Weekly Roundup: Dying on the Altar of Handheld Killing Machines

Dec 4 • 59:00

Brad and Dan are back after a week off. They begin by discussing SCOTUS and the very real possibility of Roe v. Wade being overturned. Dan distills the arguments of the Trump appointed judges. Brad points to the religious history and context that made this moment possible....

God Save the Men: Evangelical (Toxic) Masculinity with Professor Kristin Kobes du Mez

Nov 30 • 48:13

Brad and Dan are joined by Professor Kristin Kobes du Mez, author of Jesus and John Wayne, and an expert on evangelical masculinity and culture. They discuss why evangelicals imagine Jesus to be a heterosexual strong man, how evangelical pastors prime their congregations for fear, the trappings of gender complementarity, the #churchtoo movement, and the damaging effects of...

The Myth of the Persecuted Christian and the Inverted Golden Rule

Nov 26 • 44:25

Brad speaks with Dennison University political scientist Paul Djupe. They discuss Djupe's findings that those Christians who live in homogenous Christian communities are most likely to believe that Democrats, atheists, and others are trying to take their rights away. They also discuss data that shows a large majority of Evangelicals are willing to strip rights from nonbeli...

The Myth of the Christian Nation

Nov 24 • 44:39

Confronting the Sh*ttiness of Paul

Nov 23 • 40:38

In his new book, Profaning Paul, USC Professor Cavan Concannon takes an unflinching look at the letters of Paul through the metaphor of excrement--or shit....

Weekly Roundup: One God, One Country, One Leader - On Leaving the Realm of Democracy

Nov 20 • 01:05:22

Brad and Dan discuss the censuring of Rep. Paul Gosar for his tweet depicting him as an anime character killing Rep AOC. This leads to a bold, but evidence-based thesis: There is no good Republican party. If it ever existed in the first place, it is now gone. What has taken its place is a party founded on Trumpism, grievance, and fascist tendencies....

Mild at Heart: Love, Sex, and Masculinity After Purity Culture: Ep 8

Nov 17 • 18:49

Christians Against Christian Supremacy -with Dr. Obery Hendricks

Nov 16 • 45:08

A life long social activist, Obery Hendricks is one of the foremost commentators on the intersection of religion and political economy in America. He is the most widely read and perhaps the most influential African American biblical scholar writing today. Dr. Hendricks’ appearances include CNN, MSNBC, CBS, Fox News, Fox Business News, the Discovery Channel, PBS, BBC, among...

Weekly Roundup: Big Bird Was Immunized

Nov 13 • 58:45

Brad and Dan begin by discussing the case of Aaron Rodgers, who was recently found out not to have been vaccinated. They discuss the various components at play in the case--from becoming an anti-vaxxer wiithout realizing it, to blaming the "woke mob" for cancel culture, and the politics of scientific authority. This leads to a discussion of Ted Cruz's criticism of Big Bird...

Mild at Heart: Love, Sex, and Masculinity After Purity Culture: Ep 8

Nov 11 • 27:04

Brad uses recent comments by Josh Hawley to talk about what people mean when they say that the country (and the church) needs to return to masculinity. Brad argues that this is a common trope in Christian nationalism and the theme opens the door for seeing how Christian nationalism is the original purity culture....

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