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The writers and editors of Stoney Roads share the wild and fascinating stories of Australia's electronic music scene. Taking a look behind the decks, diving into the bunkers, warehouse parties and moments that have defined dance music and nightlife culture.

Popular episodes

EP 6: Revolver Upstairs Club

Jan 18 • 23:18

Revolver Upstairs (aka Revs), on Chapel Street, Melbourne, is undeniably one of the most famous nightclubs in Australia. But they’ve also caught an unshakeable stereotype in the public eye as nothing but a hideaway for unrestrained hedonism. ...

EP5: We No Speak Americano

Sep 11 • 19:37

When a track goes viral online, it changes the lives of the artists that made it forever. But because no one knows exactly what makes a track go viral, they’re rarely prepared for what comes next. In this podcast, we investigate the story behind Yolanda Be Cool and DCUP’s 2010 hit, 'We No Speak Americano'. The journey goes behind the scenes, telling the tales of what happe...

Ep 4: The rise and fall of Stereosonic

Aug 12 • 25:35

For near to a decade, Stereosonic held the crown as Australia’s most popular electronic music festival. At the height of their success, they sold over 270,000 tickets in one year. But in 2015, the company faced a wave of legal troubles, parent company bankruptcy, and two tragic young deaths at the event. In the aftermath, Stereosonic went under, and plenty of their competi...

Ep 3: Bang Gang

Jul 11 • 24:08

We knew that we couldn’t make a podcast about the Aussie music scene without chatting to the Bang Gang DJ collective. Born from six mates that wanted to throw a party with no limits, their crew included Ajax, Jaime Doom, Dangerous Dan, Gus Da Hoodrat, DJ Damage, and Double Nolan. They grew to become an unforgettable part of Sydney’s club scene, touring nationally, throwing...

Ep 2: The Presets

Jun 11 • 21:12

For almost two decades, The Presets have made music that sounds like they’re up to no good. It’s hard, noisy, and fits right into the soundtrack for a seriously good night. That youthfulness stuck itself to the centre of their musical identity and never left. In 17 years of moving at lightning speed, they’ve maintained their musical identity through changing times, learnt ...

Ep 1: Sydney's hidden party scene

May 13 • 16:12

Despite stifling restrictions, there are a bunch of legends keeping the lights on in Sydney - even if those lights aren’t surrounded by security, noise limits, or licenced bar staff. So if you’re throwing an illegal party, how do you make money, keep people safe, have a good time, and dodge police raids and legal trouble? In the first episode of the Stoney Roads podcast, w...

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