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Every week Co-Founder Jim Stromberg (actively trading since 1996) give his insight, tips, and tricks into the world of stock trading. The podcast covers market forecasts and takes a deeper look into major companies like Tesla, Microsoft, Apple, Amazon, FB, etc. #STOCKS, #MARKETS,Read more

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Week 47 - Short Trading Week And Some Heavy Plays

Nov 22 • 37:18

A short trading week is coming up with thanksgiving on Thursday and reduced trading on Friday. Nasdaq again over 16.000 points indicate a good start on the week, but will it last? Microsoft is way overbought and will Tesla do a double top @ $1.200. In this week's trading tips we do some penny picking while keeping the highly volatile Ocugen....

Week 46 - 2021 - Second Red Week And Telsa Further Down

Nov 15 • 38:24

Will an international conflict involving Ukraine ignites a huge market sell-off? This is one of the many questions we try to answer in this week's podcast. Tesla fell last week as expected and ended some $17 dollars below our$1050 target for the week. How will Tesla perform this week and what are the support and resistance levels? Last week's trading tip, Ocugen, is still ...

Week 45 - 2021 - Better Safe Than Sorry

Nov 8 • 46:29

Nasdaq is way overbought on RSI at levels we haven't seen since the last major fall. How long can it possibly last? Is Elon Musk a genius as he preps up to sell 10% of his Tesla shares? What are the support levels if things go wrong for the Microsoft, Tesla, and Apple share price? Bitcoin moving up from a horizontal movement indicates $75.000 next and even small Dogecoin i...

Week 44 - 2021 - While We Are Waiting

Nov 1 • 39:05

Major stocks are way overbought on the Relative Strength Index (RSI) and this would never end well. But while waiting for the laws of gravity to hit the market may very well continue upwards. As usual, we give you the different support levels and key indicators to keep an eye on.  One of the 2 trading tips this week is Under Armour (UA). Tune in to hear why and at the same...

Be prepared - Red Weeks May Be Upon Us

Oct 25 • 37:47

Stocks are topping in their charts and being overbought on the RSI. Are we headed for a major fall? In this week's podcast, we try as usual to determine the week ahead of us. What could be the major market drivers and what is it to look out for? As we said a million times in these podcasts inflation is over us and that will affect the stock markets no matter what. Has anyt...

Week 41 - 2021 - Slow Week Ahead And Here Are The Tips

Oct 18 • 41:21

Week 41 - 2021 - Trading Opportunity In GameStop This Week, While Apple Establish A Falling Trend.

Oct 11 • 38:30

Bitcoin is overbought on RSI14 and a reaction back to $50.000 is likely. However, that will just be a natural correction down before further pushes toward $75.000. Apple Inc is establishing a falling trend and markets are balancing on a thin thread as everything indicates a huge fall soon. Will it be this week?. You need to pay attention to Wednesday's CPI numbers and the ...

Week 40 - 2021 - Bitcoin To $52.000 While Apple, Microsoft And Tesla Will Struggle.

Oct 4 • 44:39

There is a fair chance for a green week where the market will move sideways or even slightly up. But, 14.800 points is now a strong resistance level, and many of the major stocks including the Nasdaq index has formed a death cross signal. However, there is money to be made doing the right choices. Last week more or less all price targets for the stocks in the podcast were ...

Week 39 - 2021 - Ride The Wave

Sep 27 • 36:21

If you bought on the dip it should now be time to ride the wave this week. As usual we give you 2 possible trading candidates for the week along with insight into the major tech stocks, crypto and how we believe the market will move for the week. We remain bullish to both BitCoin and DogeCoin, but we are not that optimistic about Apple and Microsoft. The amazing Tesla trad...

Week 38 - 2021 - Buy The Dip

Sep 20 • 41:03

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