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Dobbs | A Very COVID Christmas | 12/3/21

Dec 3 • 01:35:03

Steve and the crew are joined by New York talk show host Shannon Joy for the Deace Group roundtable to discuss the Dobbs case before the Supreme Court and whether Roe v. Wade could be struck down. Shannon also reacts to Steve's "A Very COVID Christmas" parody. In Hour Two, it's the final Feedback Friday of the year....

The Cavalry Ain't Coming | Guests: Rep. Chip Roy & Alex Berenson | 12/2/21

Dec 2 • 01:35:12

Steve discusses how the state of the broader culture (and the state of the Republican Party) shows us yet again that the answer to these ills is us. Then, Rep. Chip Roy joins the program to discuss what's actually happening with Republicans on Capitol Hill. In Hour Two, Alex Berenson joins the program to talk about his new book, "Pandemia." Finally, Theology Thursday exami...

Rolling Back Roe | Guest: Daniel Horowitz | 12/1/21

Dec 1 • 01:35:10

Steve and the crew discuss the opening day of oral arguments in a Supreme Court case that could effectively (or overtly) overrule Roe v. Wade. Then, the team plays a game of Buy, Sell, or Hold on a number of topics including the Big Ten championship game, the cult of COVID, and much more. Finally, the weekly prophet of woe and lamentation, Daniel Horowitz, joins the progra...

Do What You Believe: Or You Won’t Be Free to Believe It Much Longer | Guest: Del Bigtree | 11/30/21

Nov 30 • 01:35:18

Steve kicks off the show by announcing his newest book, "Do What You Believe: Or You Won't Be Free to Believe It Much Longer," on the necessity of Christian involvement in missional political activism. Then, Del Bigtree of the Informed Consent Action Network joins the program to discuss the latest on vaccines and the stigmatization of those who decline them. In Hour Two, A...

Perry Carditis and the mRNAs | Guest: Bob Vander Plaats | 11/29/21

Nov 29 • 01:34:45

Steve and the crew kick off the Christmas season with a preview of the latest album from Perry Carditis, "A Very COVID Christmas." Changing gears, the team is joined by Bob Vander Plaats of the Family Leader to discuss the passing of his son, Lucas, and the inspiration his life was to so many people. In Hour Two, it's another edition of "Ask Deace Anything," as Steve field...

The Cult Comes for Kyle | Guest: Dr. Scott Atlas | 11/23/21

Nov 23 • 01:34:59

Steve and the crew react to a montage of the Left's ridiculous hot takes following the verdict in the trial of Kyle Rittenhouse. Then, Dr. Scott Atlas joins the program to talk about his book, "A Plague Upon Our House," detailing his time on the White House coronavirus task force. In Hour Two, the team plays a very Thanksgiving-themed game of Buy, Sell, or Hold....

Evil Shows Up in Waukesha | Guest: Mark Meadows | 11/22/21

Nov 22 • 01:35:24

Steve discusses the abject evil perpetrated on a crowd of parade-goers in Waukesha, Wisconsin, and the immediate spin on the story the Left is peddling. Then, Steve poses a tough question for Todd and Aaron to answer regarding vaccine efficacy. In hour two, former White House Chief of Staff Mark Meadows joins the program to discuss his time in the Trump administration and ...

Justice for Kyle | Guest: Rachel Semmel | 11/19/21

Nov 19 • 01:35:15

Federalism Doesn't Mean What You Think It Means, Mr. Youngkin | Guest: Nathan Nipper | 11/18/21

Nov 18 • 01:35:12

Steve has a lesson on the real meaning of federalism for Virginia Governor-elect Glenn Youngkin. Author Nathan Nipper joins the show to talk about his new Christmas-themed novel, "Life on Christmas Eve." In Hour Two, Theology Thursday tackles an interesting question from a listener about Christian community (or lack thereof). Finally, the team plays a game of three non-pol...

History Doesn't Repeat, but It Rhymes | Guest: Daniel Horowitz | 11/17/21

Nov 17 • 01:35:02

Steve explains how the recent actions of Germany and Austria show that history doesn't repeat, but it rhymes. Then, the team plays a game of Buy, Sell, or Hold on a variety of topics; Steve and Aaron get into a weird fight over Patrick Mahomes. Finally, Daniel Horowitz of the Conservative Review podcast joins the program to discuss three articles he's recently written chro...

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