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Stefanie and Joan's Beauty Bar

Welcome to THE BEAUTY BAR, where we tend to beautiful people just like you! We’re your hosts, Joan & Stefanie, and we wanna make sure you’re treating not just your face, but more importantly, *yourself* exactly right. We wanna make the podcast even better, help us learn how weRead more

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Ep. #11 | The Beautiful and Ugly Side of the Miss Korea Pageant with Soo Min Kim

Dec 1 • 44:36

Joan and Stefanie call in Soo Min Kim – current Columbia University grad student and former Miss Korea 2018 – to talk about life before, during, and after winning the national title. What are the social pressures of representing an entire country? And how does one stand tall with grace amidst online haters? Find out on this week's episode!...

Ep. #10 | Your Skin VS Winter (How to Survive and THRIVE)

Nov 24 • 41:31

For many places around the world, it's getting colder as the winter months approach. And when it's colder, it tends to get drier. So how do Joan and Stefanie take care of their skin when dealing with the changing climate? Find out what tips and tricks they have up their sleeves on this week's episode of Beauty Bar! And if you're somewhere still warm and humid, we envy you......

Ep. #9 | How Motherhood Changes EVERYTHING with Jeniffer Harn (MEEJMUSE/Jen Kim)

Nov 17 • 42:58

What is it like to give birth during COVID in South Korea? How do new mothers keep a sense of self while giving all to their child? OG YouTube creator, fellow skincare enthusiast, and now beautiful mother, Jeniffer Harn (aka MEEJMUSE/Jen Kim) talks about self-identity and how it can transform during life’s milestones...and K-beauty, of course!...

Ep. #8 | Day in the Life of a Male Model with Mathieu Simoneau

Nov 10 • 47:55

What does it take to be in the high fashion modeling industry? Is it really all JUST looks? Well model and TikTok personality Mathieu Simoneau is here to give us the inside scoop! From a chance encounter with A$AP Rocky to blowing up on TikTok, Mathieu also discusses with Joan and Stefanie what he's learned from the past three years of his career in front of the camera and...

Ep. #7 | HOW TO: Find Your Inner Supermodel with David Suh

Nov 3 • 56:14

In a world where we're bombarded by perfect people posing in perfect settings for their perfect social media feed, it may blow up insecurities we may all have about how we appear to others, especially in photos. Photographer and best hype man on TikTok, David Suh, joins to talk confidence and how to show the best version of ourselves from within to get that perfect shot....

Ep. #6 | Sexy Squid Game Halloween Looks

Oct 27 • 38:25

Halloween is one of the highlight points of the year for any makeup enthusiast who wants to explore different and crazy looks. And for some reason, there is a tendency to turn almost any costume "sexy". So in that spirit, Stefanie and Joan venture into Beauty Bar's first ever Beauty Challenge: Sexy Squid Games. Will their looks "win"? Share us your Halloween looks on Insta...

Ep. #5 | Photoshop, Filters, and Fails, oh no!

Oct 20 • 49:47

There's nothing wrong with documenting your life and putting it up on social media to share with the world. But it gets a little dicey when the image we portray online doesn't quite reflect our reality. How do Stefanie and Joan feel about when the digital whirlwind of photoshop and filters go a little too far? And how do they achieve that ~aesthetic~ feed with easy steps?...

Ep. #4 | Worst Skincare Mistakes with Elle Mills!

Oct 13 • 31:29

One of our favorite Canadians, Elle Mills, calls in to chat with Joan about her new life in Los Angeles, "Crazy Stupid Fangirls" podcast, and whether skincare and makeup have become more important to her over the years. She also joins in reacting to some skincare mishaps that our listeners shared with us on Discord!...

Ep. #3 | Living Our Best 2nd Life with Connor Franta

Oct 6 • 38:25

Connor Franta tunes in with our hosts all the way from Los Angeles despite it being near his bedtime (*cough 9 PM). He walks us through his journey as an OG creator and how he managed to branch out to music curation, fashion, and bookwriting. Also, he lowkey seems to really have his life together (early morning runs?! healthy diet?! good sleep????) and we wanna get in on it....

Ep. #2 | The Horror and Wonder of Hair Removal with CORBYN (28LABORATORY)

Sep 29 • 40:08

One of Joan's long-time friends and music artist, CORBYN of 28 LABORATORY, fills in for Stefanie this episode to compare each other's very different body hair journeys. Body hair is natural and whether we choose to embrace or remove it, we should keep in mind to be safe and understand what exactly the different methods involve in cost, time, and pain....

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