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Whether you love cooking, hate it, don't know how you feel about it because you've never tried it before, or anywhere in between, congrats, you're in the right place. First host DC Pierson (author, comedian, and enthusiastic home cook) makes a dish, then he chats with a guest about where cookingRead more

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Nicole Byer & Brown Butter Sugar Cookies With Cadbury Mini Eggs (Finale Pt 2)

Apr 20 • 01:42:58

DC makes Kirby Mekler's brown butter sugar cookies with Cadbury Mini Eggs then welcomes Nicole Byer (NAILED IT, WIPEOUT) to talk Impossible Whoppers, Steve Aoki's ghost kitchen pizza, Rogue One spoilers, people-watching at Mastro's, Howlin' Ray's, whether our deceased parents would be in to conspiracy theories, injuries of all kinds, and a whole lot more!...

Rick Perlstein & Salt and Vinegar Potatoes (Finale Pt 1)

Apr 13 • 01:18:31

DC makes Nigella Lawson's salt and vinegar roasted potatoes and then welcomes Rick Perlstein (author of "Nixonland," "The Invisible Bridge," "Reaganland") to talk airport food rituals, post-yoga-class Reubens, Reagan on the mashed-potato circuit, how a guy named Earl Butz destroyed the family farm, bachelor food shopping at CVS, Chicago grocery store culture, book club wit...

Dhruv Uday Singh & Easy Orange Salad

Jan 19 • 01:18:12

DC makes Emily Nunn's easy orange salad and then welcomes Dhruv Uday Singh (Good Trouble, Prodigal Son) to talk about Korean fried chicken, eggs Kejriwal, being a part of air-fryer nation, the aching vulnerability of Zoom auditions, post-breakup weed intake, soufflé aspirations, and a whole lot more!...

Alex Scordelis & Long-Roasted Sweet Potato With Butter And Tahini

Jan 12 • 01:26:02

DC roasts a sweet potato for a really long time then adds butter, tahini, lemon and sea salt (do it!) then chats with Alex Scordelis (Difficult People, Billy On The Street) about depraved In-N-Out orders, the lineage of cakes with hidden good luck charms inside, Flaming Dr. Peppers, secret fantasy football tribunals, his Neil Young cover band the Cinnamon Boys, and a whole...

Shaan Baig & Stewed Black Eyed Peas

Jan 5 • 01:45:10

DC rings in the New Year by making Mashama Bailey's stewed black eyed peas then talks to Shaan Baig (The Get Brown, Bollywood Boys) about his epic journey from high school forensics to pre-med to being a comedian slash dentist, Ramadan social scheduling, Lisa Simpson moments, white coat ceremonies, his mom's lamb biryani and a whole lot more....

No New Episode This Week — See You In 2021!

Dec 29 • 00:33

Ben and Kirby Mekler & Sugee Cookies

Dec 22 • 01:11:24

DC makes Brinda Ayer's sugee biscuits AKA semolina butter cookies (or does he?) and then welcomes Ben and Kirby Mekler (Mortal Podkast and Leisure Fan Club, respectively) for the podcast debut of their new daughter Sunday, custom latke brainstorming live on the air, Kirby's food photography do's and don'ts, Mortal Kombat fighters' favorite foods, and a whole lot more! ...

Sarah Becan & Hugh Amano: Ramen Project Finale!

Dec 15 • 01:24:09

DC celebrates the culmination of a weeks-long ramen project by welcoming the authors of the comic-book cookbook LET'S MAKE RAMEN, Sarah Becan and Hugh Amano, to discuss how much a "bushel" is, what to do with 25 lbs of sweet potatoes, why banks have blue logos and restaurants have red logos, where ramen comes from and where it's going, snow monkeys boiling eggs, America's ...

Nikki Palumbo & Preserved Lemons

Dec 8 • 01:23:24

DC preserves some lemons then welcomes Nikki Palumbo (The New Yorker) to talk about her connection to Italian food, her 93 year old nana's cavatelli / roast beef / deepest darkest secrets, adapting the family stuffed artichoke recipe to be vegan, adult slumber parties and vision boarding, whether physical therapists are more depressed than dentists, Pez dispenser injuries,...

Carey O'Donnell & Ramen Project: Shio Tare

Dec 1 • 01:12:20

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