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#2111 How a craft beer sold for $100M

Jul 21 • 55:26

#2109 Can LinkedIn automation be done right?

Jul 16 • 01:03:46
Joining me is an entrepreneur who discovered how effective LinkedIn is for building relationships, but also for marketing and growing sales.
So he created a tool that will allow you to do that. In this interview, we’ll talk about specific growth hacks and the challenges of the platform.
Stefan Smulders is the co-founder of Expandi, a cloud platform that is designed to make a...

#2107 Why is this nuclear engineer helping others self-publish?

Jul 12 • 01:01:07
I’ve got to be honest, I’m not as interested in the software today’s guest created as I am in his story.
Dave Chesson started out as a nuclear engineer and arms dealer. He began writing books while out at sea.
When he left the military, he turned that experience into a side hustle which turned into a full-blown business. I want to find out how he did it.
Dave Chesson is th...

#2105 $4M online school inspired by Elon Musk

Jul 7 • 01:03:07
If you’ve been a long-time listener you might have heard me complain about my education. So much so that a guest at one time told me to stop. But I still think there should be a better way.
Another person who feels that way is Elon Musk. He hired someone to create a whole new curriculum for his kids.
Well, today’s guest got to see inside that program and he was so blown away...

#2102 Monetizing your audience

Jun 30 • 01:10:12
Joining me is a former NFL star. He’s here because he realized something that I realized years ago: it is so hard to sell content online to an your audience.
Well, instead of patching together different solutions like I’ve done for a decade, he created a solution.
Drew Storjny is the founder of Memberful, membership software for independent creators, publishers, educators, p...

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