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If you're growing a business, starting a business, or figuring out the madness of entrepreneurship and you're thinking about having kids, this podcast is for you. We go in-depth with founders and entrepreneurial parents about what it really takes to have babies, grow businesses, and stay sane. AndRead more

Popular episodes

The First Year of Parenting: What I Wish I’d Known — Vanessa Van Edwards

Sep 20 • 01:20:48

#184 — Vanessa Van Edwards learned right away that being an expert in behavioral science did not translate into innate parenting know-how....

Writing About Your Family on Twitter: Where’s the Line? — Comedic Writer James Breakwell, aka Xploding Unicorn

Jun 24 • 01:02:53

#184 — Growing up, James Breakwell never had to think about what jobs he wasn’t allowed to pursue. That changed when he had kids....

How Brands Mess Up Marketing To Women with Amber Anderson

May 10 • 54:54

#183 — Creative dynamo Amber Anderson is the founder of Tote & Pears, a branding and marketing agency with a female focus. For her, becoming an entrepreneur was about more than the business. It was about creating possibilities for her family, establishing a set of core values for her family, and aligning her business values and family needs holistically....

Is The Pandemic Messing Up Our Kids? Dr. Courtney Bolton, PhD

Apr 26 • 01:02:32

#182 — How badly is this year, this pandemic, messing up our kids and us, as parents? Dr Courtney Bolton has a PhD in counseling clinical and school psychology, and she is a parenting coach focused on evidence-based strategies for the development of kids. She's a mom of four and she helps parents make contextual, intentional parenting decisions that work for them and their...

Designing For Resilience (with co-host Cary Fortin)

Apr 12 • 01:21:02

#181 - Welcome back to co-host Cary Fortin! We're back for another friendship episode, where Sarah and Cary talk about business design, parenting stress, and dealing with the pandemic. In this episode, we take you behind the scenes of The Wise Women's Council and the Class of 2021, and the ways that we think about community design and creating strong containers for persona...

What We Went Through (with co-host Cary Fortin)

Mar 29 • 55:43

#180 — We are not the same as before. What we went through last year, and what we are still going through, is beyond comprehension and imagination. Many are still trying to survive, out of work, and picking up the pieces from last year. Many are grieving deeply and some of us don't have a clear roadmap for grief or recovery....

Startup Parent: The Name Change

Mar 21 • 14:28

#179 — When 2020 kicked off, we had big plans. One of those plans was growing Startup Pregnant and shifting our focus—and name—to cover what we were already focused on: parents. Today, I'm excited to tell you about the new name, and introduce you to Startup Parent. Here's the backstory of why we changed our name, what it took, and a sneak peek into what we're building next...

The Wise Women's Council 2021

Feb 16 • 32:44

#178 — We are two weeks away from kicking off our fourth class of The Wise Women's Council, and we have an extraordinary group of people joining us for the year ahead. WWC is our year-long leadership incubator for women business leaders, entrepreneurs, and innovators who are also navigating pregnancy, parenthood, and motherhood. We go deep together for the better part of a...

Dr. Shani Cooper: Pregnancy, Birth, and Private Practice in 2020

Jan 30 • 29:48

#177 — Dr Shani Cooper is a Naval Veteran, Licensed Acupuncturist and Doctor of Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine, who began studying the human body in 2010. She is also the parent to Sage, an eight-month old who arrived in the world bright and early, two months before his estimated arrival window!...

Jess Kamada: Leading A Startup Team While Pregnant and Parenting in a Pandemic

Jan 23 • 34:41

#176 — What's it like to run a team of 40 people, in a pandemic, with a 1-year-old, and get pregnant with your second kid? Jess Kamada, VP of Client Services at Bamboo, a top growth marketing firm based in Seattle, joined me for a special episode to talk about how she managed the pandemic and the last year....

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