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Welcome to The Startup Mindsets Podcast! Dan Gonzales and Earl Valencia will be your hosts. Week in and week out we will dive into how founders across technology and innovation leaders think about running their business and why innovation now is more important than ever. Discover your startupRead more

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Jurny's Journey: Luca Zambello Founder/CEO

Nov 29 • 36:30

What's up Startup Mindsets Fam! Hope you had a great Thanksgiving, in the spirit of hospitality we have Luca Zambello, Founder of Jurny on the show today. Jurny is a hospitality tech company offering SaaS-based management solutions for the modern traveler. We discuss what it was like during Jurny's most difficult months in operation during covid and how they made it through. ...

Digitizing Dermatology Care in Germany: Dr. Alice Martin, Founder of Dermanosatic

Nov 23 • 33:32

Dr. Alice Martin is the founder of Dermanostic and physician in Germany.  Alice tells her story of changing her mindset to become an entrepreneur as she says, “Physicians don't take many risks” because risk in healthcare can mean death while risk is a common ingredient when founding a startup.  We hear about their experiences filming TikToks, recruiting a software engineer...

Making Sure Gig Workers Have Coverr with CEO Kobina Ansah

Nov 17 • 28:00

Our guest, Kobina Asah joins us from Ithaca, New York to talk about his startup, Coverr and how it provides independent contractors stability. Currently 50M+ Gig Economy workers  operate in the United States and represent one of the fastest growing  labor segments, yet have difficulty accessing business financing due to  their lack of standard underwriting criteria. COVERR...

Quitting Investment Banking to start a Data Driven Research Platform: James Giancotti, Founder of Oddup

Nov 15 • 43:48
After years of working at Goldman Sachs and JP Morgan in equity research, James Giancotti felt the desire to create a product that solved problems he experienced as a banker from a technology standpoint. Oddup is a data driven research platform that rates startups primarily in Asia. With headquarters in Hong Kong, we get to know more of the startup scene in China, ie what ...

Richard White CEO of Fathom YC'21

Oct 21 • 54:27
Richard White has over a decade of entrepreneurship founding Uservoice and Fathom. He takes us through his journey from selling PlayStation cheat codes as a kid to being part of the first YCombinator batch in Cambridge in 2005 to the latest with Fathom in YC 2021. We talk fundraising from Zoom Apps Fund and what it’s like couch surfing while creating a tech company.



Hacking International Shipping w/ Shelvie Fernan

Sep 28 • 38:08
Fly and Fetch is a startup changing the way people travel and send goods. Based out of Edmonton, Shelvie tells us how she created the company and how things are doing. We also hear about Draper University’s survival week and how coming to Silicon Valley has affected growth. Learn more about how you can get free flights at


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Starting a Startup to Catalyze Startups with Founder of Incued, Josh Furstoss

Sep 23 • 45:39
Startups and Entrepreneurship are at an all time high during the pandemic leaving first time startup founders with the challenge of figuring out what to do. Incued, helps founders with guided business planning. Josh joins us to detail the company’s plans and his journey being a founder.


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Running Social Media in the Entertainment Industry with Rayson Esquejo

Aug 13 • 37:30

Rayson Esquejo has ran social media marketing campaigns for multiple films including Jobs (2013) Side Effects (2013) and most recently for TFC and Wood Works. Taking a new technology and incorporating it into business strategy is easier said than done. We hear about Rayson's advice for keeping up with market trends and using social media for its advantages. ...

Reflections from season 3

Jul 29 • 36:01
For this episode, we decided to talk about our impression of Startup Mindsets' last couple guests. We talk about what we found noteworthy, unique, and valuable spanning from executive coaches, franchise owners, to startup founders the diversity in thought is truly amazing. 

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Changing the Aesthetics of Angel Investing

Jul 6 • 26:01
Eli Velasquez is on a mission to create a more diverse pie chart of investors of color. We hear about over a decade of being an angel investor, lessons learned, advice to new angels.
More about Investors of Color on
More about Angel Capital Association at


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